Monday, June 25, 2012

thank you

We wanted to say Thank you so very much for all of the kind words for Lucky.
It has been incredibly difficult and we miss her beyond what any word can express.
She was my buddy afterall.  My lil cuddle-bug.  Mama's girl.  And sometimes I think she thought she was my mommy as well :) This is one of my favorite pictures of Lucky.  It has been helping me to look at her photos.  In them I see the good times, the innocence, the love, the lil girl who loves me with all of her heart. The kitty I was so bonded with and in the pictures her personality shines through and helps me to replace the heart-wrenching image of those last few seconds of her life. This one captures her exactly as I will remember her; pure love.  Forever & ever in our hearts.

It is still too difficult to do right now; however once able I will be doing a special post for and about my Lucky.

thank you
-Us4 Cats