Friday, August 29, 2008

oh, i see

Just wanted to post a universal 'why'.

Why do eyeglasses continually break? I have gone thru two pairs now both ending with the exact same result. As I am typing, here on my face sits what resembles eyeglasses except one of the arms is missing and the lens has been strategically hand crafted to stay in place with a small wire.
That tiny screw never did fit back into place as it once did. When I bend over now to pick something up, off they fall to the ground again while the lens goes flying across the room.
Is this the way all glasses end up, I wonder? I suppose I would not have stepped on them to begin with had I been able to see where I was going.

(updated- I took a nap and upon waking there sat my eyeglasses with two sturdy lenses and another attached arm. My husband is the best person, always looking out for me. So, I felt pretty bad when within a couple hours I somehow managed to again be walking around the house with my one armed, one lensed glassware. Yeh, they inadvertently received my gentle touch and 'tada' back to looking like a crazed professor. So, for now...contacts.)