Friday, March 18, 2011

puzzled basin pursuit

see me?

hi  there!

oh great, i shoulda listened to the lady...
now, how am i gonna get outta here .
[ oooh how i dislike when she's right ]
Pengy so loves to help with the laundry; so much that we
have a dozen of her in the spa dryer. noticing it has a neighbor,
she decided to scale it today.  this lasted about 2 minutes as she
found no warm clothes in there.  realizing the inside was not designed
for easy-out access she was guided out with elevator hands.  i think
 she was diving for pennies as we find many clanking around-
so really she was just trying to freak help mom out  ; )

Thursday, March 17, 2011


ms. lilly had her garden-ectomy monday. she is a super healer and is
doing wonderfully. if you recall from archived posts, she is one of our outdoor
kitties, a crew of 4 including mama. a friend of my lil brothers has adopted her and
she will be going to her forever home next friday! and there is more good news. the
clinic she had her surgery at monday informed us that we can bring the other crew
member kitties in to them; they will neuter them . they have an agreement with a
local store who are looking for kittys right now to adopt out. they
will find homes because it is what the whole mission is set up to do. so, come
next week we will be taking some of the crew over to find their forever homes.
i am considering keeping one so that mama kitty has a buddy outdoors. tom is her
buddy mancat from across the street- so we have not decided yet if we will be taking
2 or 3 . i am SO happy about this new clinic, which opened locally [i sooo prefer local]
three weeks ago. they are terrific. we knew in time we could find homes for
them! but it sure has been a treat for us and the crew - they have gotten to
experience the great outdoors and we have gotten to love on them for 7 months : )
it will be hard to 'relinquish' them- but i know it is for the better cause of
... forever homes- indoors!

here are some more pics of ms. lilly.
she is a sweetie-pie!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

mattress mountaineering

Junior ascents the vertical bedding and supervises
while Lucky offers her visual beacon of guiding light source.

Friday, March 11, 2011

shifted plates

photo source: Fiestaware

as earths plates will do, they shift; however today they stood up &
stretched moving alot of earth. we purr for all affected within the
Pacific oceans region off the coast of Japan and we purr for any vulnerable
U.S. states bordering the waters if the earthquake/tsunami affects local soil as well . 

we purr for the search and rescue teams.

we especially purr for the safety and rescue of  
ALL the animals  affected by these floods.

photo source: ariofshadow

Thursday, March 10, 2011

marshmellow puffs

yep, everytime she squees about my feet 
THIS is what she names my toes.

[ sounds more like a breakfast cereal to me ] .

- after posting our archived link, mom bean noticed its' date was one year almost to the day that she posted about this very same thing- my toes!  how ironically odd is that. must be seasonally memory induced. MOL!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

ways humans annoy our cats

 photo source, melanie kramer, Aol
author source, amy D. shojai

[ this piece was shared by the below mentioned author
today on Aol's news page. we thought we would share it here
as well. afterall, we whom are owned by cats know all too well
that we are in the wrong, and our furbabies do tell us when we
need to adjust the progam up or down a notch ; )  ] .

"  Amy D. Shojai is a certified animal behavior consultant and the award-winning author of 23 pet care books, including "Complete Kitten Care" and "Complete Care for Your Aging Cat."
We love our cats but still complain about their annoying behavior problems. Why do they scratch furniture and caterwaul all night when we are perfect parents?

The problem is that while we are worrying about their behavior issues, we might be better off focusing on our behavior instead. Here are eight common things owners do to "hiss off" the cat.

1. Underappreciating the Need to Claw: Cats claw to mark territory, to exercise and relieve stress. Owners annoy cats by not providing the right claw object in the right location or by replacing a favorite scratching post. A nasty-clawed-ugly-old-post with scratch graffiti is like a child's favorite binky and can't be easily replaced with a spanking-new post.
2. Surprising Him With the Cat Carrier and a Trip to the Vet: Being stuffed into an unfamiliar cat carrier and then grabbed, poked and probed by scary-smelling strangers (vet alert!) makes cats hit the panic button. Savvy kitties teach owners a lesson by disappearing each time we reach for the carrier. Acclimate your cat to its bag by first making the cat carrier part of the furniture in the room. Then add catnip toys or fuzzy bedding to make it more soothing and appealing.
3. Buying the Wrong Litter Box or Litter: Hit-or-miss potty behavior is the top complaint of cat owners but we often bring it on ourselves without realizing it.
- Changing cat litter. Do you have a favorite TP? Cats get attached to favorite litter, and switching prompts some cats to take their business elsewhere.
- Getting a too-small box. If you have a jumbo-size cat, most standard litter boxes will be too small and he will have to hang over the edge or look elsewhere.
- Choosing a covered box. Though this might appeal to you, it doesn't work for all cats. A covered box condenses smells, which can make the box a place the cat wants to avoid. These kinds of boxes also often block the view, so cats can't see if someone is sneaking up on them.
- Having too few boxes. Your cats might be acting up because they don't like sharing a littler box. Extra boxes will reduce the hiss quotient.
4. Leaving Him Behind: Your cats get used to being fed, petted, played with and snuggled at certain times, and your absence during a business trip or vacation throws a wrench in kitty expectations. It can take him a week to get accustomed to a change in schedule, so not only is his schedule upset when you leave, it is also upset when you return.
5. Oversleeping: Why would an owner want to sleep late when a kitty bowl needs to be filled? Cats just don't understand it. Which is why they raise a ruckus to point out food bowl infractions or other owner irresponsibility. Even a small change can annoy your cat.
6. Forcing Indoor Incarceration: Cats that have experienced the great outdoors can become distraught when "jailed" exclusively indoors. Sure, they're safer indoors away from dangers, but cats find closed doors and barred windows crazy-making. Keep the annoyance level down by recreating the outdoors inside with challenges like cat towers and puzzle toys.
7. Cheating With a New Pet: Bringing a new pet (especially another cat) into the house turns up the hiss-teria. How would you feel if asked to share your potty, dinner plate, toys, bed and love-of-your-life human with a stranger off the street? To the cat, the interloper looks funny, smells scary and disrupts the all-important routine. It can take weeks or months for cats to accept newcomers as family members.
8. Declawing: This doesn't just annoy your cat, surgical claw removal offends many cats on an emotional and physical level. It strips away normal kitty defenses and changes kitty stride/balance. Yes, some cats manage to suck it up and soldier on, but others demonstrate hissed-off status by avoiding the litter box (it hurts to dig with sore toes!) or biting more often in defense.

Of course, every cat is unique and your cat might have an entirely different list that causes hissy fits. Understanding what annoys our cats helps us be better owners and enhances the love we share  "  .
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
source to above is listed under intro picture.

Monday, March 07, 2011

quill & hair huddle


the quill
& the hair
within our
crisp cushioned chill !

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
psst/s meow:  can link here 'Clothes'  if your bean has need for or interest in infant bean
girl wear,  months 6-12, new.  as you all know we will be adopting a bean boy so our bean is
selling these items to go into the adoption fund.  ; ) Fanks.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

forever homes

boy ginger, a cuddler.

boy panther, a lover;  ginger girl found forever home Today!


tuxie boy, stickn tongue out : )
he is a lil cuddle bug!!!

group shot

ginger boy, stretchn.
he has wonderful old soul eyes and is a gentle loving lad.

same, and stickn out tongue as well :)

tuxie-  full of love and affection!

These are our outdoor kittens. They are 7 months.  We just today found a Forever home for our little ginger girl :)  She will be transistioning at the months end!
We are posting these pictures today in hopes someone will see a face they want to adopt.  We care for them, love, love, love on them, shelter them and tried to find homes since they were 4 months.  Our local no kill adoption shelters never returned our phone calls and the humane society said no since we were out of their county.  we refused to take them to the paws shelter as an insider informed us that this particular one falsifies its no kill policy.  so we have cared for them as our outdoor kitties.  they are the SWEETEST ever.  if you live within our surrounding area or a neighboring state and want more info please  email us. we are in northern KY.  we need Forever homes for our precious outdoor crew.  the only one not shown is our multi-colored girl .  she is Mama's mini-me , so look at Mama kitty and imagine half her size.   thank you, Us4 Cats Crew.