Monday, February 21, 2011


before his catnap i beautify my daddies beard
so it will be sparkly clean in the morning. because i am a detailed bather
and a much better barber than that noisy ole Braun.
- but especially cuz -
me loves my daddy!
[best buds , simply sunday , furr the love of daddy]

Sunday, February 20, 2011

ruffled furrs

if one of us is at our food table, it's a known to watch where you walk!
can you believe she rounded the corner without even looking.
and then it happened,  her unknowing swinging  boatfoot " TAP ".
-which apparently took direction from her oblivious mind- 
usually, very conscious of our whereabouts, so what the heck woman?
then came the whining that is was an accident.  i made her follow me
around the house to deliver the apology.  she scooped me up in cuddles,
repeating she was soo sorry.  then her guilt handed me Temptations.
as IF that made it any better. see my furrs standing on end from this atrocity!
 [notice too my messed furrs from her guilt scritches]
i shun her with my back, allotting her 5 minutes, a photo op & left her to ruminate.
it's gonna take lots to un-ring this bell Lady!

Friday, February 18, 2011

catnips cousin?

the Hypnotic powers of these feathers
 apparently also causes me us loss of balance.
- - - - -

this is one of of fun toys we received thru the recent cathouse auction!

rewind & Review; and a ReWrite.

so, this morning the woman read our review.
after she read it she let out this big sigh of relief. 
what?   she liked it?
-      wait  -  a  -  minute      -
okay we admit when we wrote it last night
we were slap-stick tired & being silly non serious.
yet,  we did not think she would find it funny?
but she did.  she liked it.
well, today we put our thinking caps
- backwards & tilted sideways -
on & we are doing a rewritethis time we are serious
 because the beans are not supposed to enjoy their reviews,

 ssh, here we go...

overall Paws: 2.5

 Paw (1) , rating- 3.5:

More frequent and thought out postings which include various fun  & fabulous photos of us 4 cats;  although this does include the high voltage flashy thing in our faces over & over causing us complete dizziness with freaky stars.

Paw (1) , rating- 3.5:

Has been visiting and commenting on many of our Furr friends blogs per use of her Blog time under our contract .  We are happy with our daily visitors as well.   She has also come around to  envying supporting our powers of  self induced  trance like tele-cat-communication
with our furr friends. 

Paw (.5) , rating- 1.5 1/4:

Has participated in CB events, giveaways and contests on our behalf.  She is getting better at letting us do sleepovers and parties eventhough we attend them within a tightly wrapped Bubble seeping from over protection mom saliva, neosporin & kitty wipes.

Paw (-1.5) , rating- swat, hiss, snort!

While this statement seems to contradict some of the above, we must proclaim she needs to better limit her blog time;  it takes away from our treats and catering  time.  She needs to learn to create her posts within a quicker timeframe by increasing her brain functioning speed.  We do help her with this by keeping her on her toes while purposely  unknowingly tripping her as she walks for this speeds up reaction time which is good for mental exercise.  She posts an average of 4-5 times per week now.  While this is a positive for production, for us it takes AWAY from our doting  time   her chores.  This goes for commenting as well.  Again, while it is a good attribute she must limit those visits because it causes comment ocd time away from Us.  As for a review on a very personal note:  she needs to feed us our stinky goodness in the morning hours that we awake NOT when she finally gets her creaky  bones  self outta bed.  Doesn't she KNOW we wait and wait.  And while we are at it,  when she sees we are running our of kibble, go to the grocery, don't wait until all our crumbs are consumed and we are forced to gnawing on chair legs. lady, when our furrs smell like our litter box, guess what, it is TIME to change our litter . 

our review is complete. 
we give the lady 2.5 outta 4 Paws, because we pity love her.
now, let's see if she can continue the high Paw marks while
getting her tail in gear on (-)1.5  in time for next years review.

 ; ]


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

hand flix

the beans just cancelled cable and now use netflix.
now we camp out in the other room with this tv.
and ever since this switch there is now a waving
hand taunting me on this screen.

where did it go?
 did it fly off the tv?
i will find you.

there you are.
stop waving at me.
be still.

it is hiding again.
i have much patience mr. hand!

 i will chase you every night.
back and forth across this screen.
this netflix is so much more fun than cable.
- - -
mom says it's the Wii doing it-
here we go again  ' with the definition '  of we ! 
- geesh -

what happened?
what the heck.
why is there a movie on now?
- - - - -
 the mom wants to know:
who can guess what movie she was watching?
a few hints: 
  • she says its only sequel recently came out. 
  • she says if you like scary movies you might guess it. 
  • she says part 1's opening is the same as part 2's closing scene ;
  • (same  signature scene  which is pictured above)
  • and lastly, she says the movie(s) are not a  pair of normal  activities
  •  (hint-hint)  : } 
any guesses?
click HERE for the answer :

wee hours

 Very early = ' the wee hours of the morning '.

hm, us cats have always defined wee
as = ' our  '  hours for  stalk before sleep . 

yet apparently at this hour she feels the need
to copy us & stalk  follow us thru our secret cat door
leading to our secret screened-in cat cave.

can you say interrupted  ' we time ' .
go to bed lady !

see me squinting -
geesh lady are you trying to guide in the ships ?
we are starting to think maybe that dictionary is correct
as obviously our wee morning hours just ain't  what they used to be.

p/s:  hi-paws to daddy for customizing our cat door to soft cloth !

Monday, February 14, 2011

14 Feb.

today we boycott moms use of screen time.
 now go get us some V-treats woman!

* our Hearts love you
stripes, junior, lucky & pengy;
our sweet babies *
- mommy & daddy -


(-_-) Pictures, Images and Photos
heart shaped hugs to all furr babies
 -  photo source TheSergei1989 -  

Sunday, February 13, 2011

61 DegF

open window bliss
can we share?
i can feel your eye beams
i must decline

now where was i ?

what a beautiful day! with temps being in the low teens for weeks upon weeks,
today was cause to raise those windows letting in that fresh air breeze.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

four elements

reflecting over our archive photos
 Us4 cats would like to say that they are thankful for,

element 1: Earth


element 2: Water


element 3: Fire


element 4: Air


okay, good job mom. 
now we cats would like to add
our version of these elements which
we are especially thankful for: 
our kitty litter (earth)
 our stinky goodness (air)
 our scritches and kisses (warmth)
 our shower floor (water)
 and bestest ,  our mommy & daddy (love)

p/s: ( nice ' toot ' comment mom.  you are one to talk ) .

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

tootsie roll

- take one -

- take two 1/2 -

 paws  pause

union break

- take three -

- take four -

and, that's a wrap !

Monday, February 07, 2011


over on our other blog today is the moms post inquiring about couponing.
she asked us cats to lead you to that link HERE
because she is too lazy , whoops we meant she doesn't like to cross post.
any suggestions, she asks to please share your knowledge with us .
psst:  we thought she was trying to find some hobby and that means
less US time but she explained it would mean more
Stinky goodness and treats.
something about a savings and a piggy? we don't get it.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

ice candle

what?  the?

i put the bitey on you
(careful Junior, we don't want a reenactment of 1983's A Christmas Story)

naw,  too cold
 i just slurp from over here
(my signature cute scrunched up nosey;  just saying)

you know it's cold
when your ice cubes
have their own
ice-cicles .

Friday, February 04, 2011

look around

yes this is how i found all 3 mice this afternoon
orderly & closely placed just outside cat cube

stripes scopes it out

tail held high, one leg out
junior enters cube, mouse in tow
(yeh, thanks for the butt shot mom)

and...  she rolls, flinging nip-mouse from her cube
(2 mice still lined up)

back within the paws grasp
(cube has now been further customized with foot holes)
pengy checks out the cubes paw

and there we have it,
apparently we now also have a secret eye hole

(okay, i have to admit i LOVE how cute she looks)

'   mom,  you know that i  rock the cube!
now let me have that
darn dangling camera string ...
go now and straighten up
your canned foods, hehehhe   ' .