Wednesday, June 22, 2011

on rainy days

'rain-rain go away'...  i mean we love a good thunder boomer day but a week is a bit much. so,  this is what we have been doing...

we use our fort craft imagination

we co-sleep in the suns wet rays

Saturday, June 04, 2011

snail speed

bad blogger Pictures, Images and Photos
photosource: ositodallas214
yep!  hiss, snort & talk to the back, SHE has been a bad blogger lately.  HISS!  no excuses.  we award her with this badge.  maybe when she takes the time to check her blog again she will discover WE had enough and got on here for HER.  we saw her on our blog last week and huddled together in joy thinking THIS was the day, she was going to post to OUR blog. but nope! then we remembered one day her touching the 'on' button for the screen to light up and then hearing these dreaded words " oh Great! the computer is dead ". WHAT?!  and we watched as she walked over to dads computer and turned it on. YAY!  then she pulled out the memory card to load our pics in and...  well, we got embarrassed for her cause dads computer does not have a memory card slot.  so we forgave her because she looked so pathetic trying to stick the card into nothing : /  .
we thought she would try and post again the next day but NOPE!   so,  today we present her with this heartfelt badge.  we love you mom, but seriously our blog needs some attention.  Althooough *chin-scratch* there is something pawsitively good that has come out of her blog absence-  we gets tons more attention; we get all of the computers attention!  so, maybe it isn't a bad thing after all.  okay, okay so she has been a Yakky blogger but in its place shes been a great scritcher and cuddler. hehehe.  sooo, lady if you are reading this,  we will keep you to ourselves for awhile more and perhaps our blog can wait a bit longer till your computer is resuscitated.  cuz um, well, we just realized how much time the blog takes from US!!!  wait, yikes, what were we thinking?  okay, sooo, we just hurried and found this lil cute image-guy also to give you now okay cuz we are talking in conference and decided you need a reminder of how much we love the computers time, it makes us Happy and we clap about it : 
(**quick-thinking - high paws all around - good save team**)  oh!, heh (cough) hm, hairball, eh-heh  :
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photosource: hilda530

... for all of your undivided attention that we have happily stolen from the computer! MEOW!!  but, we still got on here for YOU mom to update our somewhat stale snail speed blog.  hehehe.  (no offense to snails).
 and so we could too say 'hi'  to all of fur friends out there if you are still following our bloggy : /   and we hope all is well with you all.  purrs, headbutts and cuddles!!

now we will go nudge her to go read up on the CB a bit cuz we are pretty sure she is not up-to-date on what's been going on there.
(we know that since her last post of kitty Tiger-Lilly,  she got saddened cuz lil Lilly was adopted by a friend and then found out she was ill a month later and had that mean dry FIP and had to be helped over the bridge. it was very sad & it made her eyes leak really really bad) .