Tuesday, September 28, 2010

best buds

Junior & Daddy; the most precious bond i have ever seen.

she wakes daddy in the morning before the alarm. she talks to him in the bathroom at the start of the day. she waits; and runs to the door when he pulls into our drive. she cannot get enough of his touch and falls to the ground in complete bliss . she talks to him in the bathroom about her day. she follows him up the stairs at bedtime. she has her favorite blanket which she nuggles close to daddy within, kneeding at it, drooling in happiness; falling asleep under the covers, as close as she can get to her daddy. she is daddys girl. and daddy loves every ounce of her.

seeing them together makes my smiling heart overflow.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

thought & thanks

mama kitty in thought...

a thank you; or hunting 101?...

mama kitty recovered amazingly fast from her ectomy. the day after she ventured back outdoors, she and the kittens disappeared. my husband and i spent many nights armed with a flash lite, scouring our yard and each nook & cranny. kittens and mama were MIA. one day a mouse appeared upon our doorstep. then another one. then three. and finally a fourth one the day after 4 of the five kittens reappeared to our patio, with mama in tow. what a relief. we feel she may have been spooked post-surgery resulting in taking her babes for a brief 'stay-cation' away from sight of that mean crate which took her to the vet-ectomy; or perhaps possibly an occasion of their first family hunt outing? we still wait for kitten 5 to appear. we hope he is w/ daddy kitty as he too has ventured off; as country cats, they know all the fun areas to visit and explore.

any word from that no-kill shelter located 10 minutes from us? no. three phone messages, offered our email addy for ease of contact along side another follow-up message and yet no return communication. why promote a safe haven shelter but offer no attempt to assist? we don't get it, but we know sometimes placing kittens is a matter of time and that when it is supposed to, it will fall into place as it should. for now, we joyfully resume taking care of darling sweet kittens. will update as we look for a shelter with heart & forever homes.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

NOT okay

i would surely hope this is not real & that kittys face is superimposed onto a puppet; however the annoyed emotion on kittys face tells me a different story. obviously, upon viewing, it seems more likely that the humans hand is controlling kittys movement from up behind the shirt. i saw this today upon AOL's opening page, which pops up when my homepage opens. i find it appalling. not cute, not funny. kittys eyes show you he/she is pissed off and perhaps even heavily medicated as no cat would voluntarily put up with this for 1:25. ; this is not nice & wrong to do to a cat or any animal; and as for publicity, is very selfish on behalf of both the kittys family and the promoters whom appear, by the 'credits', to be the huge corporation of the MLB themselves. another example of animals being used to promote organizations thru some humans' warped idea of 'entertainment'. i debated even sharing it here because i dislike giving it any attention; however despite my distaste for it, it needs to be shared to remind those reading (outside of cat families & the CB, of course) whom may be unaware that this is NOT funny and to rethink this attitude of disguised animal control. whether real, superimposed or both it is sending out the wrong message, especially to children. kittys face says it ALL revealing an aspect of reality within the video. this was taken way too far; a cat will tell you when they are frustrated through their eyes and ears. this video shows an animal in extreme discomfort. AOL should have entitled this 'warped on wednesday'.
- - - - - - -

please visit Friends Furever in rememberance of Sniffie; run free sweet angle, run free.

Monday, September 20, 2010

mama kitty

... is healing beautifully after yesterdays garden-ectomy.
aka Moe; our 'pet' name for her though is Mama Kitty :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

kitten photos & update

easy like Monday...

kitty paws...

a private conversation...

broom lov'n...

my broom pillow...

daddy kitty & neighbor kitty greeting...

Mama kitty was not pictured today because she is getting her Girl-Ectomy; we get to go pick her up this evening. Update on kittens: we spoke with Humane Society but they were big butt heads after only a 10 second phone discussion they said no; as we are out-of-their county (even after we received an email telling us to call them directly to discuss the kittens). i am biting my tongue so will leave it at that and continue writing with optimisim. yesterday, we did locate a no-kill shelter within 10 minutes from us who do adoptions!! at the moment we are awaiting a return phone call from their facility. paws crossed- just like kitty demonstrates for you on the beloved broom pillow.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

easy like ...

Junior, chill'n :

we dedicate this for all safe animals and for all needy animals everywhere; those with forever homes, those searching for forever homes and as a whole for the ease of a sunday morning:

Friday, September 17, 2010

thank you

thank you for all of your wonderful advice regarding our kittens. we did contact the humane society yesterday. even though we are out of their county they have agreed to speak with us. we are talking with them tomorrow. will update. please purr loudly it works out because we know they are trustworthy. in the meantime we will take into heart the other suggestions mentioned and check into those as well. and yes, i am going to look into the corporate page of THAT bad facility and offer it to their attention of what is happening over there. my heart has been so heavy over this I think it has actually dropped into my stomach; i have taken two antacids over the past three days; something I've never taken before, but they certainly helped. i am off to play with the kittens now. they are so awesome; we just luv em. if we could we would keep one or two but we just cannot. they would have to be outdoor kitties as our house is full with our four. we already have two outside whom adopted us; and i want the kittens to be able to have forever homes.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Need Advice

We had two litters of kittens in the past. We took both to the organization PAWS. Upon being told they were a wonderful organization we felt okay with placing them in their facility for adoption. Monday I have mama kitty scheduled for girl-ectomy. Upon making this appointment I discussed the kittens we have now the volunteer of the spay/neuter clinic; telling her they are almost 8 weeks and we will be taking them to PAWS for adoption. We called PAWS just today and were told they are having an adoption event this weekend. (I found that odd that they inferred our kittens would be up for adoption this weekend given that is not enough time to have them fixed and ready). And then my heart sank as our conversation continued (on the phone with the spay/neuter clinic, not PAWS) . She informed me she used to volunteer for PAWS. And that, yes, they used to be very trustworthy. Within the last year they went under new management and it has become very shady. **disclaimer- just this one PAWS establishment, not all PAWS shelters; as I have heard they are wonderful as a whole. And as this one used to be as well, our kittens were adopted before (she attested to this as she was volunteering there during this time). She went on to tell me under this new management at this paticular shelter they now euthanize almost all kittens anymore but tell you they will be adopted. Can this be? Really! She told me she quit volunteering for them because the management was so horrible and would not budge when it came to euthanizing kittens and or cats. So she left as did many board members. Good for them!! But now I sit here sick to my stomach. Our kittens are 8 weeks. They are ready to be adopted. I don't want to run an ad in the paper because I know sometimes weirdos will try to take them and feed them to their snakes or worse, dog fight stuff. But she is checking into a paper she trusts for us. Still, i dont know. She advised me I could try the Humane Society as they have a better reputation for no-kill and for placing kittens in PetSmart/pet stores reliably; however they only take from within their county. So if we opt for that, we will be looking for someone we know within that county to help us if we take them there. I just do not know what to do. My stomach turns at corrupt places that will lie (and she told me she has personally heard them do it over and over) to people by telling them what they want to hear all while presenting a facade of caring. Any advice on a safe haven I can bring the kittens to in the KY area? We already have 4 cats and two outdoor cats. If we could we would just keep the kittens but we just cannot. Why cant there be a safe place for all kittens and cats in this world? I may have rambled on or written in mixed sentences; sorry, i am just beside myself so i hope this whole post was literate. Advice?!?! And YES mama kitty IS getting fixed on Monday. We will not go thru this again. Ever. Letting go of the kittens for placement is hard enough without worrying if they are actually being adopted. And taking them away from mama kitty just tares me up. No more. For those who has placed kittens , where did you start? Did you try the humane society? I do not know of anyone personally looking for kittens either and our local vet said they don't have adoptions :(

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

candle Tarts, Fall~scented ...

our HomeTarts fundraiser is now open to receive orders for our Heavily~Scented candle Tarts. They are long lasting and yummy. please check us out at HomeTarts and help support our fundraiser while enjoying the warm scents of Fall; Pumpkin, Apple or Harvest! you choose the scent per bag. each Tart an indivual color of butterscotch Yellow, cinnamon Red & forest Green.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

open windows

... the Fall season is upon us!

natural bridge

this is part of a post over on our adoption blog recently posted : bridge. i thought to share here too as sometimes i cross post between blogs. this photo i thought to share here though; as it pertains to animals. it is blurry making it difficult to read. basically it reads of wildlife on the trails & how animals have become so domesticated they are more frequently seen within suburban areas more than the days before. while in their natural settings, they are more protective of their surroundings and run from humans. also, there are predators in the wild and therefore the wildlife tends to come out only at night. that is why when hiking a trail or exploring a forest one might not see as many creatures as hoped. my original post explains where this picture was taken.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

frog spa?

today i opened the cover to our hot-tub letting the sunlight clean it. after an hour passed i flipped the other half over to clean its' portion; this is what i saw:

we have had so many frogs within our yard lately. remember our recent Ribbit post. we have also had many many praying matis around our door frame; my husband told me it is good luck when they appear. i love living out in the country. we see all wildlife here; rabbits, deer, groundhogs, etc., and our neighbors cows, goats, horses. i am blessed to live here. truely. it is a piece of my zen.

Friday, September 03, 2010

giveaway winner announced; the Cats outta the bag...

We picked our winner by random using the online application called Random.Org.

Here are details of how entry & results were calculated:
Part 1:
' the IntegersGenerate< insert number of possible winners here> = 1. Each integer should have a value between 1 and 11. 1-11 because we had 11 qualified entries '.
*note* we had a couple entries who we personally contacted as not qualifying due to no blog/homepage or because our button was not grabbed. I contacted both personally to explain; thank you for your understanding that this was a giveaway helping promotion of our adoption fundraiser.

Part 2:
' random Integer Generator;
Here is your random number : 7 '

I assigned a number to each entry in order they were received by comment. I want to list the names of each who entered as a thank you. And when you get to entry #7... well, that's our winner.

1. KC/ML
2. creek Cats
3. momsbusy
4. spitty kitty
5. furkidsmom
6. hansel
7. jans funny farm = our giveaway winner !!
8. peggy's Place
9. dash
10. sweet praline
11. breanne

CONGRATULATIONS to Jans Funny Farm- you have won the ' how to take over teh wurld' bestseller cat book !
I personally thank each & every one of you who showed support and interest in our very first giveaway here at Us4 Cats. The team effort you have shown by placing our HomeTarts button within your own blogs is very appreciated. Our adoption fundraiser is important to us and by what we have seen here, it is important to you all as well. That within itself speaks volumes.
Now as for the photo included via top of this post: I just had to post it; it was too perfect a post title/photo combo not to share. This is how our home looks every time after I (the mom) come back from the market. I toss the bags onto the floor for the cats to chase & romp about. They have loved this from day one. Now, how Junior got herself inside the empty water bottle plastic wrapper, without getting stuck mind you, was very impressive to me. We may be biased, but she is a doll!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

beginning to smell alot like ... Fall ! and mice?

HomeTarts (our adoption fundraiser) is now open to receive orders for my first batch of Tarts I will begin making Oct. 1st. The scents are listed within the blog. Pricing is listed now. If you would like to help support our fundraiser by purchasing a bag, which contains(3) Large candle Tarts for your home or perhaps as gifts for the upcoming holidays, pease pounce on over and check it out. We recieved out very first 2 orders from two of our CB freinds. you rock ! also, payment is not due as of yet, but you can still place an order. i have to set up our paypal donate button which will be up Oct. 1st. The link to placing an order along with details of how to comment.
Fanks & Meows!

And...as for the mice? i went outside to free our kittens this morning from their night crate/crib so they could romp around (our daily routine) and what did i see? 3 dead mice. nicely placed, closely & tightly surrounding the outside parameters of the crate. big mice at that. hmm, mama & daddy cat must be teaching the little ones how to hunt !