Friday, September 25, 2009


ah, the warmth and fresh smell of my dryer after clothes have come out...
now look closer, do you see it?

socks are not the only things lost in here.
our mouse was too. HOW? maw (junior) picked it up with her bitey and actually tossed it up and in with me. she's got the aim. i think she just wanted her daughter to have her cuddley with her. she's a good mom that way.

ah, i think it just tooted. i'm outta here.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

gone with the wind

as sole mancat protector of my us4 pack, i always have one ear to the wind...

and, after manstanding all week long, i'm going on weekend break.

...just after this one last noise distraction.

*poof* be gone sounds that startle *poof*

on the subject of wind and gone, bean has included a movie. the movie is Gone With the Wind! she has included it here to see if any one would like to have it. the proceeds go into the beans 'journey to parenthood' fund. the movie is still in factory wrapper, never opened. it is the four-disc collectors edition. sale price asking is 10.00. plus shipping. if interested let us know.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

our milk mustache amateur photo, needs daily repeat encouraging 'clicks'...

Hi all!

we were just reading over the contest guidelines and it read, quote,

"The more votes you get, the better your chances of having your photo selected for the book. "

It does appear YOU can vote as many times as you like per day then. So, we begs you, on our little bended toes with our paws on your feets, please keep voting for Lucky's milk mustache photo. The contest ends quarterly so I assume that means very soon. As this is our first ever contest, and as it is an amateur one of course, (bean ususally isn't into them, but she thought ' we give it a try' once) .

...oh our cod, the thought of actually being in a book means we need to learn to read thens , right. ooh wait, its a picture book bean says. a picture of Lucky!!! thats even more mazing then cuz we loves her so much around here.

the link: is found on our sidebar... FANKS !

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


what do you get when you have a mom who just happens (perhaps accidentally planned?) to be up past midnite. you get these bright lit rare random bedhead photosnaps at your face while trying to bathe, sleep, chill or stalk...

this would be mid-bathing

and, making mid-sleep

then there's mid-chill

and, she snuck and even found a porch mid-stalk.

mom, go to sleep already! she says some of the best moments happen at unexpected times...

Monday, September 14, 2009


remember holding your first kitten with this same newfound look of happiness on your face,

I do.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

: )

thank you Pictures, Images and Photos
click me, 'here'
if our sidebar badge brought you here from another blog, the tinny post is below, and for the seperate cause, it can be found now at .

Sunday, September 06, 2009

introducing Tinny

UPDATE~ sept. 30, wed. .

this weekend we will pick the winner of Tinny. should anyone else want to enter just leave your name in the comment section. we have 9 entries so far. this started out as a raffle however has been changed to a non-raffle, so your name is all we need.

for the 9 entries prior 'change to non-raffle' ,
no frets for you will origianlly get your name(s) entered per as as many times as was previously discussed.we will announce the winner next week.
if you are interested to donate for the original cause, of course you still can at our 2nd blog. it is completely optional and is a seperate entity on its own.

original post~
all you need to do to try and win tinny is leave me your name in the comment section: it is free! (those who left their info. before the 'change' to non-raffle are in the free drawing of course and as originally discussed your names will all go into the drawing X number previously discussed). as raffles are not allowed we had to change the project, as it is now a free entry.
we present TinKitty, aka Tinny. he(or she) is as close to new as is possible for he only sat on our shelf overlooking his palace and protecting us from flying bugs. he stands around 12 in. tall and add another 8 for the tail
us four gatos are raffling off our homemade, handcrafted kittycat. he(or she) is made of durable tin colorings of white, gray, cream and black.
whiskers, eyes, mouth and kitty nose are crafted with fine metal. with pink ears to boot!

summary: to play: we are hoping for people to participate so we will keep the non-raffle going until the end of the month. to enter, just leave your name in the comment section and we will add your name to the hat draw. at that time we will put all entries names into a hat and one of our kittys will pick the winner (which we will video and post) . the winner receives Tinny and a link to your site. for those who don't win we would like to say thanks for donating by listing your blogs here linking your sites to help increase your traffic.
the winner will be contacted via thier blog with request for your mailing address so tinKitty can find his new home. Thanks to you all who care to play and find our Tinny as cute as we do. He will be missed.
Good luck.

Saturday, September 05, 2009