Wednesday, June 23, 2010

boatpaws, gum hairstyle, daddys girl and sneezers

a long stretch in my updates. whoops. so, us4 (Summer)cats update? here we go.

the kittys are great. our man stripes is lounging daily in his fav faithful summer spot; above the front door on the shelf. did i mention ever that he is a mommaz boy. daddy too. but for mommy he will whine and sound like he is saying ' have an owie' when he looks for a hug. he is the shy-est mancat. tapping meon the shoulder to say 'hey' . the biggest-gentle. i noticed the other day his back feet are two and a half times longer than our females. massive clogs on his nummy feet. makes me proud. with that mancat teady bear appeal that gets the ladies. and the mommies. well, this one. gets me every time. i melt. eat him up? yep i could. i think i could just sustain my calorie intake daily on eating up the cuteness which our four cats exude. not kidding. june-bug is still and always WILL be a daddys girl; following him to bed every time and cuddling next to him on her fav faithful blanket which she kneeds and suckles. i could eat her up. cuteness overload to my sensory system. daily. her cuteness on scale of one to ten?... 10 point, hm, million or so. pengy has the ticklelers in her nose. the sneezies. this is a continued side result of the mean upper respiratory infection she had two years ago. the return episodes do get further apart and less persistant each time; which is amazing. her immune system kicks butt. right now we say 'bless you' about 5-10 times a day for about one week or so a couple times per year... but hey our hearts can we can handle that- usually cats who have had uri prior get it close to the same strength as the first. she just gets the nose tickles. and it neverpasses to the other three. ever. hm. perhaps it is just a sneezers attack. okay, that works. lucky, our long haired velcro baby has come into a new style coat of sorts. lol. a matted one. not dingle-berry related. more of a summer coat that has gotten clumped up as if gum where keeping it that way. but she sports it well. its cool with her. we thought about shaving her down but daddy decided no. becasue he feared the sound of those buzzing mean clippers would put her into a constant state of shock. and he is absolutely right. better to keep shock to a minimum and happy hair to a maximum. no kittychiatrist needed for ptsd either. win-win. so we hand clipped the areas and patiently wait for clumps to grow out. it does not seem to phase her. she is still as vocal and happy as always. wiat for hair growth, and snip. then repeat. slower BUT less catraumatic. good call daddy! thats the two minute wrap up. all is well. summer is upon us. and cats love to perch upon open windows to feel the air and listen to the birds outside when mommy decides to open a window, regardless of the air conditioning. yay mommy!