Saturday, December 19, 2009

cats adopt humans

i bedded them with a soft large cat-sleeper and blankets. as you can see they are adorable. and have the most amazing (literally) cat eyes (look at middle kitty).

we have been adopted! our neighbor across the street has a kittycat (outdoors). she has kittens. they found out i am a cat lover and moved over here. they stay on top our wood stove (the heat escapes near the base).

Monday, December 14, 2009


outside the wind whips and rain falls
inside my blanket shelters me warm

Saturday, December 12, 2009

a round about

we are trying this to see what happens and so far i think we have earned three tenths of a penny. so i guess we will be receiving a third of a penny via mail soon.
any advice on ads for content? the ads being displayed are kinda boring. i added for content (cats, animals) but am still just getting public service ads. so, in a round about way we ask this question? those of you who have google ads on your site, do you ever really get clicks? how do you make them more interesting ads?

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


mom & dad bean told us somfing.

they decided to twy for another few months or so for a blurp but if nofing happens by then theys going to look more sewiously into adopfing us a brofur or sisfur blurp or toddblurp. mom has alweady been wesearching and looking at dowmestic or infernational. if anyones has insights we would like to hear.

keep dem in your mind if you hears of anything that might help dem towards our dweam.

-us4 cats

Sunday, December 06, 2009

fashion fade

today pengy casually sports the lovely Fall wreath. fading gently out of season to allow for the new line, Winter wreath.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

from the mouth of kittys

we kittys are posting today on her behalf since its been a good week since a post!! good golly. let's see, we all had a wonderful fanksgiving very nummy!! there is a funk now though . see, if you recall, she and the dad have been trying to have her first human blurp. this month has got her in the downers cause she only saw one line again on dat stupid darn white stick fing sitting in the bathroom. we hear'ed the mom and dad talking and from what we gathders there is this huge pwice tag out there on fings that shouldn't be. something about adoption or an ivee'f . cause it costs all those green papers upfront for somefing we just not have sitting round. we kittys don't understands why peoples makes other peoples pay high green monies for fings that could give love to a little blurp. anyhow, we is helping her while the funk passes by giving her our heads to butt and our backs to scritch. she says it helps and we fink so cause she smiles real big.

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