Friday, December 31, 2010

happy 1.1.11

... gives new meaning to ' the cat in the hat ' .

& w/ such a sweet visual , a happy new yr. to our Cat Blogosphere and fellow readers!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

warm snuggles & lights ...

pengy & stripes cozied up ...

junior overlooking (after swatting at CB ornament) completion of our Mr. Charles Brown Tree, 2010.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


lucky is our compact lap cat; easily fitting snuggled into only the bend of my arm, she exerts her ragdoll-cat like flexible lil kitty heater goodness all in one. not only does she warm my lap, but moreso, my heart !

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

our caroling santa cat

this is our singing holiday cat; push his tummy and he ' meow, meow, meooows ' to the theme of a christmas carol. (you will need to turn your volume on to hear him).

here, Pengy investigates ...

and here, well, she rivals it, putting the bitey on the booty...

finally, after inability to get it to shut up, Pengy says 'ah, enough with you' .

And so, caroling kitty is defeated & put back in his safe spot.
The cats are not too amused that something is singing in their house without moving its mouth; yet mom brings him out every year because she thinks our reaction to this thing is SO cute. Yeh, for about 5 seconds maybe, then we cats are just annoyed (secretly we like that it cannot move so we always get the upper paw).

: )

(please ignore anonymous optional video clips at videos end; i do not know where they come from? & noticed a bad word on one - my first time using photobucket for video uploading; so not too familiar with its operation).

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

fund raiser update

update:(12/16) all bags of Tarts SOLD ! : )

out of the 11 bags, we have just 1 bag left!... at the 1/2 discount to any of the Cb'ers. if one of you wants to order the final bag, email me.

not having as big a turnout selling online this time around we decided, at our original price, to give our local community a try today & my husband sold 7 for us :) He is my awesome rock; his devotion to our adoption & fund raiser warms up my heart entirely .

original post link.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

a tree to cuddle under ....

so, mom worked all nite & has almost completed our Charles B. tree:
before lights,

cuddled up kitty,

kitty & lights,


lit up,

that classic single red bulb.

two things left to complete the tree:

three wood Peanuts ornaments we won via ebay; waiting to arrive via mailbox. okay so those were not on the original CB tree, but it is 2010 and this is our version; and you gotta have ole Charlie somewhere on the tree afterall. and we are adding one final lit branch.

welcome to our home Sir Brown Christmas tree;
our kitties already Love you!

The Before photos, link here .

Saturday, December 11, 2010

making our tree & crib climbing...

today we began creating our first very own Charlie Brown cmas tree:

pengy scoping out the goods; we used a previously cut log & branch from our backyard,

before photo; our tree stump and branch,

getting down to business; daddy creating branch inset w/ his drill,

side view,

and, top view,
and, UM, kitty view,
kitty approved and climbable might i add.
i'm thinking by tomorrow our blog will post the finished product; lights, the single red bulb, and some extra Christmas Kraft warmness taking it back to the classic Charlie Brown winter scene.

this tree idea came upon me one nite and I could not shake it... it was the tree we were to create; our own warm tradition, 2010. i knew with my husband we could make it happen. thanks babe!

we were blessed to come across a baby crib. it has been in my husbands family for generations. he slept within this very crib. today we brought it inside. we love how it exerts the way cribs should feel; warm, cozy, beautiful simple structure. in the near future we will be painting it a warm color.
our cat, pengy, found it very interesting. used it as her ladder and climbed right up to inspect. once the mattress is in, i foresee this crib being the cozy bed for 4 cats before their brother comes home.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

cmas 2009 flash-back

our june-bug nuggled within her cmas bag-bed.

we are making our own Charlie Brown Christmas Tree this year ... with the single bulb hanging from the arching branch; hm, invisioning our 4 cats competing for the score of that single bulb from branch to floor to toy.

hoping to capture some great photos of our crew, cmas 2010 !

window view

with my self-made side window, which i am darn proud of might i add, kitchen guard duty was my helping role as mom prepared our tray of the Fundraiser items last nite;

product safe-n-sound, Cat assured; view link.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

twig arms Clothman

our cats forethought:
' okay, do we sniff it or just stare? '
the afterthought:
' (sigh) we approve & snowman-dude can stay but just for the Holidays & IF we get to chew the twig arms, okay ' .

my link for How To make .

Thursday, December 02, 2010

a special thank u

We just wanted to send out a special thank you to :


Angel & Kirby

... for your Candle and Tart orders this month benefiting our fundraiser.
As a special thank you we will be including a gift of my Home Made Room Spray, scented to match your orders.

Thank you both.

kitchens open

First photo of our Fund Raiser Candle Pies!
I love how they turned out and are SO much fun to make.

These are still for sale if interested.
: Link to order : Apple Cinnamon Scented.
My cat tried to nibble on the Pie. LOL!

And, the original Holiday Scented Tarts are available;same Link as above.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

infant girl clothes... gift ideas?

listed now on craigslist. email me for link if interested.

As we will now be adopting a little Boy :) these little Girl clothes are up for grabs. There is a Huge Lot of 10. Adorable stuff Ladies!!

a Yummy smellicious reminder ....and update!

**updated Dec. 1- we have received 3 orders for our Second Fundraiser effort! that is awesome : ) and we are hoping we can get 2 more orders in before Friday as that is when I start preparing my materials to start creating. As a special incentive all New Customer orders will include a coupon for 3.00 off my next batch of Spring Candles/Tarts.** Thus all returning customers will continue to recieve discounted prices with each order.
Original Post:

Candles Molded to resemble Real Holiday Pies from the Bakery.

*Sprinkled on top with real Cinnamon...
-for that added Home Made appeal :)

*Wax shaped into Apple slices embedded

*Wax cut to resemble dough layered pie crust

And as Pengy demonstrates above, they Appear good enough to eat ....

My kitchen will begin its Candle Pie making process next week. If interested orders need to be received by this Friday latest.

New customers =(2 candles) for 20.00 plus 4.95 ship together in box.

- ( My original Candle Tarts used upon warmers are still available as well too. Apple-Cinnamon ).

We have received 2 orders so far... thank you!...

and, Our FUNDRAISER thanks you!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

thank you

thank you for all of your prayers, purrs and advice for Georgie, my brothers cat. we will keep you updated. the Cat Blogosphere is such a wonderful, compassionate awesome community.

Monday, November 08, 2010

advice needed

My brother sent me this email today and I am sharing it here in hopes of receiving any advice. Georgie has cancer and they are looking for any insight into healing, surgery and/or helping him cope with the pain of this illness. It reads as follows:

... ' I wanted to let you both know that we found out last week that Georgie has inoperable cancer. It is a large tumor (and growing) above the left shoulder that the vet told us was probably the result of our agreeing to give him the Leukemia shot (above that same shoulder) about 3 years ago. The vet told us that they have since learned that these shots are causing these tumors in cats with certain genes that make them susceptible to getting the cancer as a result of the shot. Very, very frustrating to say the least, especially because it was an optional shot that we did not need to give him.
I will let you know that Georgie is the coolest cat we have ever known. He is an indoor/outdoor cat (because of being clawless) and he loves to roam over to our next door neighbors, on each side of the house, and across the street to Rusty’s (a McKinney policeman). They all say that he is awesome and they love to pet him and spend time with him on their own porches. Georgie has been a survivor all of his life (the farm in Indy that he came from, the neighborhood cats with claws, the coyotes in the open field behind our fence, the copperhead snakes coming in off of our creek, and the owl that sometimes perches on top of our roof). Although he has survived them all up to this point, we are being told that this form of cancer is the most aggressive, painful and visibly troubling to watch, and will soon end up in a negative outcome.
I went on line and bought some herbal drops for cats with cancer, which are supposed to help ease the pain and provide comfort. We are just at a loss for words with regards to the whole thing. Georgie doesn’t deserve this!
I wanted to let you both know and see if you had any ideas, thought, recommendations (surgery vs. not; possible medicines;). I know you both have a vast knowledge of pet care and the like, so wanted to get your expert opinions. Any advice at this point would be helpful ' .

Sunday, November 07, 2010


ahh! haven't posted in a bit. quick update... we have been working on the constuction of our room and doing home renovation lately. busy. preparing to move onto the next step in our adoption process. the cats are great. we still have the kittens. we are caring for them. they are 12 weeks now and are super great!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

best buds

Junior & Daddy; the most precious bond i have ever seen.

she wakes daddy in the morning before the alarm. she talks to him in the bathroom at the start of the day. she waits; and runs to the door when he pulls into our drive. she cannot get enough of his touch and falls to the ground in complete bliss . she talks to him in the bathroom about her day. she follows him up the stairs at bedtime. she has her favorite blanket which she nuggles close to daddy within, kneeding at it, drooling in happiness; falling asleep under the covers, as close as she can get to her daddy. she is daddys girl. and daddy loves every ounce of her.

seeing them together makes my smiling heart overflow.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

thought & thanks

mama kitty in thought...

a thank you; or hunting 101?...

mama kitty recovered amazingly fast from her ectomy. the day after she ventured back outdoors, she and the kittens disappeared. my husband and i spent many nights armed with a flash lite, scouring our yard and each nook & cranny. kittens and mama were MIA. one day a mouse appeared upon our doorstep. then another one. then three. and finally a fourth one the day after 4 of the five kittens reappeared to our patio, with mama in tow. what a relief. we feel she may have been spooked post-surgery resulting in taking her babes for a brief 'stay-cation' away from sight of that mean crate which took her to the vet-ectomy; or perhaps possibly an occasion of their first family hunt outing? we still wait for kitten 5 to appear. we hope he is w/ daddy kitty as he too has ventured off; as country cats, they know all the fun areas to visit and explore.

any word from that no-kill shelter located 10 minutes from us? no. three phone messages, offered our email addy for ease of contact along side another follow-up message and yet no return communication. why promote a safe haven shelter but offer no attempt to assist? we don't get it, but we know sometimes placing kittens is a matter of time and that when it is supposed to, it will fall into place as it should. for now, we joyfully resume taking care of darling sweet kittens. will update as we look for a shelter with heart & forever homes.

Friday, September 24, 2010