Saturday, August 28, 2010

Free Giveaway : grab our button

**entry deadline: Fri. Sept 3rd, midnite** our first giveaway post!
all we ask is you grab our button to our upcoming fundraiser,

the prize? ...
' How to Take Over Teh Wurld ' book; from the author of Teh New York Times Bestseller, I Can Has Cheezburger?
2009 version.
the book itself it brand new, unused. it has stayed protected within a storage basket since the end of last year & the only flaw is some spilt apple cider vinegar (i use on my cats for flea control) on the back cover of book in the corner, hardly noticeable; which happened yesterday during our flea control attempt :)

Here is photo of cover of the book:

and, here are some fun photos from within the book:

How to enter?
* just leave a comment.
* post your contact info.
Yes! , this is a free giveaway! shipping is free.
Now, here is our only requirement to enter:
if you leave a comment the 'rule' is that you must link to our upcoming fundraiser for our adoption. you will link to it by grabbing our button & posting it within your blog somewhere. we ask it stay within your blog for 28 days (and then , if you wish, you may remove it) . why 28 days? that is the time left to vote on our Poll of Fall Scents. I am trying to promote interest to our candle tarts i will be making & selling throughout our fundraiser. & trying to get more votes on the Poll as to which scents to plan on making.

see! it is a win/win situation. someone wins a free Bestselling cat-book & we get our button floating around out there :)

Please only leave a comment if you are sincere in grabbing our button.
The last day for entires will be Friday, Sept. 3rd midnite. The winner will be picked by random next Saturday, Sept. 4th via the online Random Integer Generator and notified thru their contact information. Anyone can enter, not just kitty familes; eventhough they are pretty special people (just saying). Even if you happen upon this blog from internetsphere & would like a chance to win the book, leave a comment & grab our button to your blog.

Okay, with all that said, here is the link to our HomeTarts blog, where you will grab our button, by its' code, linking back to its' page; button located within the sidebar:
Fanks for your interest, for your help in promoting our fundraiser & good luck to our entries! kitties & all.
it really is a Fun book to have :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

& the answer is ...

to our comparison post ,
...2 different litters!

isn't the comparison of the five, uncanny. no doubt they all ten are siblings.the first litter was from earlier this year. the second litter, as you know is the five that are turning 6 weeks tomorrow. inbetween litters we tried to get mama kitty her girl-ectomy per our this & that post. when the kittens weigh 2 pounds we will take them to PAWS for adoption. and this time we will make sure mama kitty goes to her vet appointment for the ectomy. it is always so hard though to see the kittens go < sigh > but it is best and best for mama kitty to make sure this is her last litter.

so, yes, some of you guessed it correctly. different kitties within the two photos. last time it was 3 gingers & 2 panthers; this time 2 gingers, 2 panthers & 1 multi colored mini-me favoring mama.


can you spot the difference within these two photos?
and, no it is not the basket nor the bedding.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2 photo favs

i see you:
mama's mini me:

from our outting; via slideshow sidebar. the kittens now will be romping everyday as we do our daily outtings :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Poll & ... Slideshow

if any of our readers are interested in candle TARTS please pounce on over to our brand spanking new HomeTarts blog (within its' preliminary phase).
& please take the Poll.
i want to get an idea of what Fall fragrances those interested would like best.
reminder- these tarts (3 to a bag) will be ethiopian colors of red/green/yellow regardless of the flavor one chooses; it is a fund raiser as we are adopting from this country.

*Update* the kittens had their first adventure today. they were 5 weeks on saturday. we have added a slideshow within our sidebar (top). there are 18 squeeable photos altogether. enjoy!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

frontporch looking in

since ma & pa recreated the former storage room to our new office, we have a new window to tunnel through. they leave it open for us & we can go from it out to our screened in porch & back around to our catdoor & back through the office. it is fun. we also get to walk on dads new desk.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

hugs, purrs & a headbutt

we just cannot believe all the loss the CB has felt recently as some of their beloved furr-babies passed on. the universe feels the loss too. so many wonderful kitties crossed over the bridge.
maybe they went around the same time to go as a group... family support. but it is still sad and it still breaks my heart.

(( )) hugs to those of you who have lost your family member recently.
purrs and a headbutt as well.
and to those whom furbabies are currently ill, we purr loudly for you .

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

see kitty?

can you see Stripes in this photo? he is strutting by the door...
this photo is part of a post over on our wildflowers blog.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


ôÒÉ ËÏÔÉËÁ Pictures, Images and Photos

Friday, we mail into our adoption placing agengy our first envelope of paperwork ...

3 more days !

Saturday, August 14, 2010


look closely. do you spy him? he has come to visit us for the past two months each time it rains. notice any similarities? there are ceramic frogs, which hold up our flower pot. HE, on the other hand, is not of ceramic nature...he is a real ribbity frog. he goes directly to this spot each time. it is uncanny. i have to wonder if he feels they are safe and familiar because they all look similar to himself. oh, and our cats... well Junior is itching to get to him out of curiosity. she stares at him through the glass door. funny though, the outdoor cats walk right past him like 'yeah, whatever dude' . it is just too good of a photo not to post.

Friday, August 13, 2010

kitten photos

Here they are! The first photos of the new kittens. They are four weeks old tomorrow:) Included are photos of mama kitty and papa kitty, and neighbor kitty.

Per previous posts I have mentioned that mama and papa kitty came to us (adopted us) last year. They have stayed here with us since, and are considered our outdoor cats : ) Really they started off as our neighbors cats... we live in the country, and they soon decided they prefered to stay at our camp:) although they still venture back & forth to the neighbor. So in actuality they kindof have two homes. I think they are really smart though because they know we are cat lovers over here, hence taking up residence outside the parameters of our home. We love them.

Our cats took awhile to get used to seeing 'other' cats roaming outside our door. But a year later, I think they are getting used to it :) ??

The kittens room is within our shed which has shelter above and thier own safe environment. In a week their paws will get to touch the green earth for the first time, as I plan on taking them on their first adventure within our yard to feel the grass.

I placed three small rocks within the kittens 'crib' and they love it. It offers a cool surface to lay on. We also have a fan blowing down on them for fresh air outside, which they seem to enjoy as well. Thier little furrs blow in the breeze. So cute.

Here are the photos...

mommy & daddy



the kittens!

mommys mini-me on her rock...

orange kitty in background on her rock,

tommy, our neighbors cat who frequents our doorstep :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

any tart/candle lovers out there?

i wonder? me ... i AM the biggest tart lover around. i JUST learned to make my own homemade tarts and i must say they smell delicious. our whole house smells like strawberry : ) i am thinking now about trying to make candles within a jar at home as well.

i am posting this as a poll really. see, we are now required to make two trips to Africa for our adoption. so that means two more plane tickets . and well, i want to try a fund raiser. i see on alot of adoption blogs where the ladies use fund raisers of tee shirts, etc. to try and raise some funds.

...i thought about tarts or maybe even candles. i am asking here on my cat blog because our cat community is great and on this blog we have the most followers here. i only have two followers on my adopt blog right now as i have not started the adopt process just yet (two weeks) and that one is a much newer blog.

you are NOT obligated to purchase a candle or tart if you respond. i just want to see if anyone out there would be interested in buying one should i make them.

and, do most of you enjoy tarts or candles? the tarts are used within candle warmers as well, that is how we use ours. tarts are my favorite. they are so versitile and can be dropped within candle warmers and last longer , in my opinion.

if anyone buys from us it will go thru our donate button, into our account for the two extra plane tickets. now i relaize i would need to sell a zillion to cover the tickets....not gonna happen. but my logic says even a few extra dollars HELPS, right.

any tart or candle lovers out there? my tarts are hefty and thick and STRONG fragranced. Not those whimpy little ones that are overpriced and under-aromatized (a word?) . you can go here
to take a poll on Fall Scents. they will be in the Ethiopian colors. and i am assuming the oil fragrances will be strawberry, and the other i have not decided yet as i am waiting for the results of our HomeTarts Poll. my thought is to start making them in the fall/winter season. so i will change up the fragrances to harvest, pumpkin or similar.

thanks all. MEOW !!!!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

this & that...

some have wondered what we have been up to. we did not post as frequently this past spring ... so here is an update.

we are busy with getting things prepared to prepare to begin our adoption process.
with summer upon us mom spends more time gardening, etc.
and, exercising. she has lost 5 lbs. so we are off to a good start. still like to hike...but bought a treadmill off craigslist for cheap! and she loves it.

alot of family functions this summer too.

and us cats? we are wonderful, happy, and spoiled, of course!!

and....another litter of kittens has arrived! oh boy. see, mama kitty , who had the last litter, is our neighborhood kitty in the country. but she prefer us so she and her buddy camp out at our house outside and we accomodate them with everything they need. she is in our yard every morning. except the morning we were scheduled to take her to have her girl-ectomy. no where to be found! we figured it out... i had put out the cat carrier the evening prior on the ground, so it would be ready to go. she is clever and figured it out. seriously, she did not come back for 2 days. well, by then it was too late because she was out and about and finding love agian. so we have 5 itty bittys. we will care for them of course with spoiled love until weaned and ready. around 7 weeks i will take them to PAWS- for adoption. then..this time we will make sure to have mama kitty in our sights prior to her new scheduled ectomy.

i will soon upload pics of the new itty bittys. one of them actually is a mini me of mama kitty. its adorable.

till then, have a nice day all .

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

#200, continued our previous post mentioned we hit our 200 post mark a few months back. In honor of this we present some of our most sweet moments captured of our furbabes June, Stripes, Lucky & Pengy :