Saturday, May 22, 2010

door gifts and kibble

wow its been awhile since i posted. i called to see how the kittens were doing and since they are not yet 2 pounds they have not been placed for adoption. 2 pounds and they can have their his-and-her-ectomies, and then be adopted. so i will wait until one more week and follow up. i just know they will be swept up into loving arms soon.
what else? oh our outdoor-neighbor-cat brought us a present. yep. a newborn bunny. not kidding. right at the foot of our door as she sat next to it staring up at us. first we got a bird. then we got a couple mice, which ended up being toys for them, not gifts for us. then a baby rabbit. it was so newbornish that we could not tell at first if it was a bunny. anyhow we know where the mamas stay, in a brush pile down in the way back of the yard so my hub scooped up the bunny and returned it to the brush hoping a mama will refind it; but unfortunately we dont think it will survive as it was within the grips of a CATs mouth and did have puncture marks on its chest :( . ahh, nature.
okay, i think our house is becoming the local hangout for all cats within a mile radius. we have the mommy cat (who is actually the neighbors) we have her son from the first litter, and we also have the big male ALSO from our neighbor. all three camp out in front of our door. i guess i am THAT cat lady, huh. the one with a zillion kittycats sun bathing on our two acre lot. okay, that is an exageration. it is actually kind of cute, the three of them. BUT it freaks out our indoor cats. understandably. but, i keep feeding them kibble outside , on a plate, and sometimes milk. geesh. i cannot let them be hungry. we do what we can. right.

Monday, May 10, 2010


3 days ago, thursday, i took the kittens to PAWS where they will be involved in adoption placement thru the shelter themselves and on sundays, petSmart. i will be following up with a call this week.

six tiny hearts caught in throats as i left, i'm sure.
because i know mine was. with that said mom kitty is being scheduled for her ladyectomy.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


i heard some noise from the other room and as i turned the corner found my beloved cats, a propped open laptop and a scene you would imagine at your local disco tech. this is the video that was blasting out music as they pounced around sometimes arm&arm full of boogie woogie. our mancat swayed from side to side sporting some cool shades and the three ladies alternated between backup singer to spiritual dance... and it just so happens to be moms fav new song; coincidence?