Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Skidsteer sweep up.

Today is the day we closed the book on the old part of our house.
We used the skid steer to clean up the last of our remodeling debris.
I love my wife very much this day! -hubby

Ode to my Bro

He is 18, entering his future, and is my little brother.
He graduates in less than 3 weeks. I am proud of my brother.
He is someone I admire.
He may look up to me in age but I look up to him for he
is a man of character, conviction, insight and honor. I love you Joe.
See you real soon.
Remember this one, ' dooon't worry be a happy now ' (smile).

Country road...take me home...

I love the country. As I am driving home from town today I see on the left side of the road, standing behind its fence on acres of land, is a Llama.
I wonder as I drive past 'what is the Llama thinking about out there by himself on all that land ' ?
Is he happy to be free and roaming, most definately.
Is he sad that he is the only Llama around, not sure?
Then I remember that yesterday I drove past this same farm and watched as a group of horses ran together in the cool breeze, their manes flying over them , their strides had me in awe with each gallop. I remembered seeing that same Llama a bit further down on their farm. I recall he stood and watched the horses in awe the same way I did. What must he have been thinking, perhaps he too thought, ' I love the country ' .