Tuesday, October 27, 2009


pengy is,

(a) bathing (b) tasting
or (c) blowing you a raspberry.

mom chose C.

webs definition of blowing a raspberry:
...' blowing a raspberry is to make a noise signifying silliness, made by sticking out the tongue between the lips and blowing to make a sound. in the terminology of phonetics, this sound can be described as an unvoiced linguolabial. it is never used in human language phonemically (i.e., to be used as a building block of words), but it is widely used across human cultures' .
SO IN OTHER WORDS(at an attempt to spell the noise)
we give you, **bbbbbbbth** .

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

tinkitty winner reveal

and finally, the winner of TinKitty is...

part I. mix to portion,

part II. nose pick the winner,

...here's the photo:

Concatulations to Furkidsmom, You have won Tinkitty!!!

Us4 thanks those of you who participated : ) .

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

tail dusters

junior 'up high'

pengy heading 'down lo'

2 of the 4 have discovered the cabinet tops!

it works great for all. they love it,
therefore we love it. it does not hurt that their tails probably unknowingly side sweep the cobwebs for us.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

high'ty Ho-Hum to the mum

note from the cats:

we just found the computer (it was sick).
okay, first it was the bug, which we never saw anywhere. then, stuff like the computers' mothers board or somethin like that...we say **shrug** .
people and their excuses!
the lady hasn't been posting and we are hanging around waiting. then there were two other people to contribute to the fund so we are patiently awaiting the reveal of tin cats winner. so, it seems the 'board' got its mother working again- whatever that means in people talk and the mom is all better; SO we hope to be updating again.

...hint-hint motherstin.

< updated comment >-note from the 'mum':

the cats are correct. our mother board freaked out. it would work one day and the next, nothing. we took it to the computer guy who fixed it for alot cheaper than originally quoted...YaY! as for the bug, i guess i gave it to the computer. but at least it is gone from our house.
and yes we waited to add two more people into the draw. i am a bit behind (yikes) in my posts. but we are here and getting there.

the above pictures are of pengy.
she looked so cute, i had to capture the moment.
she sits above the television.

finding high places is her speciality.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

here we are

we are still here...feeling better; and got some computer stuff goin on.
my new goal for Tinny is to reveal the winner this weekend(if you were wondering) . thanks for checkn in on us. the four kitties are doin fine. it is startn to get chilly here so all of us are cuddlin up.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


we haven't blogged anything for days cuz the one with the password has been sick with a bug. she will update soon.