Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Country road...take me home...

I love the country. As I am driving home from town today I see on the left side of the road, standing behind its fence on acres of land, is a Llama.
I wonder as I drive past 'what is the Llama thinking about out there by himself on all that land ' ?
Is he happy to be free and roaming, most definately.
Is he sad that he is the only Llama around, not sure?
Then I remember that yesterday I drove past this same farm and watched as a group of horses ran together in the cool breeze, their manes flying over them , their strides had me in awe with each gallop. I remembered seeing that same Llama a bit further down on their farm. I recall he stood and watched the horses in awe the same way I did. What must he have been thinking, perhaps he too thought, ' I love the country ' .


RainbowMomma said...

I have been staying off of the boards (trying to keep busy and my mind off that stuff I'm not doing anymore), but I popped on today. Just read a post or two. And I saw your blogger one and wanted to stop by and say HI. I hope all is well with you.

A & S said...

Love the new blog!! Welcome to blog land. Hope you enjoy it here. It is so fun to be able to keep in touch with people this way.
Love the pictures of your babies!!!