Thursday, July 03, 2008

this maw misses her paws

We took the kitties to PAWS this past weekend.

I miss them.

As far as lifes journeys and experiences, I loved this part - it was one of my favorites. Being a part of the births of these wonderful innocent sweet-packed creatures is something I completely loved. Watching them grow, caring for them, learning from them.

All of our cats are fixed now (except mama) and are all indoor so this was our last litter.

This was a wonderful part of the journey I hold in my heart of hearts.


twondra said...

Awww, I'm sorry. :( I bet you do miss them a lot.

Cindy said...

You must be missing them something awful but what a great furbaby mom! Stripes looks just like our Rascal, adorable!
Sorry about the shingles, Zovirax seems to help lessen the severity and length of suffering. Get well soon and have a great 4th!

RainbowMomma said...

Just stopped by to say hi. Sorry about having to say goodbye to the kitties :(