Monday, December 05, 2011

a sample share

our 2nd FundRaiser toward
adopting our Baby Bean !!

here at Us4 cats this weekend there was alot of creating and baking on recent orders Along with making some more for Our homestead !   so, we wanted to Share some photos of our samples and recent mixed batch(es).  this also gives more detail about what we are selling.  here are a few examples:

kitty cat face, brown

a red tree with some decoration

Cat Face with name on the back...
(did not photo THAT as don't want to spoil who it is for,  should they be viewing)
; )

red Cat Face

original sample photo
dry,  natural

multi-colored cat,  Cat Face

okay,  This ONE is a Definite Spoiler, teheehee.
if the owner-to-be of this is viewing ...
we Had to Share! as this turned out to be one of my favorites name Trees !

we are enjoying making these.  for our home and for others.  we have received 3 orders so far.  if anyone is interested in our crafts we would be glad to fill your order!  just click on our sidebar photo and it will link you to our post that goes into details.  to buy, just use our button also on sidebar.

creating these started out as a hobby.  then as i made more it became interesting how i learned all the little things to do that make them special.  first i make the design.  the CAT face is a handmade design.  after i frame it then the detail is added.  once flipped over (very carefully as i found out) then the Cat name is added onto the back.  i engrave those with a utensil. then flip over and back over about 6 more times to fix each side from, well, the flipping.  then color is added.  red, yellow, green, or brown.  sometimes no color, just the Cinnamon brown natural.  Mmm, lets not forget the cinnamon i mix into the salt and flour dough.  Yum!  then they bake.  and bake. and i check on them, make design improvements as they bake.  if names are on the back, they get flipped while baking.  once done, they get oiled over for a Glaze appearance.  then they bake some more !!   this is done twice.   the final step, a dash of cinnamon natural essential oil with a hint of apple is glazed over the outside. i started doing this as i noticed it really boosted the Natural ground Cinnamon aroma of the mixture.  and, they bake for five additional minutes. then, they hang to finish setting.  the process is about 1.5 - 2 hours total to make 3 ornaments.  i suppose if i wasn't so anal about them it would take less time.  but to me these are special and the result is worth it. 

if you would like to order, you can get them in any color, or no color. scented or unscented.  and/or the colors can be an all Natural  (as seen in our first photos in our sidebar)  it is up to you. and we recently dropped the price!

crafty and cute.  we here think they are Meowzers    ; )

12/8  -   MORE updated sample photos, Click  ME .


Angel and Kirby said...

THe tree with the name is sweet!

Nikita Cat said...

Oh, my Stars, and Catnip!

Very special indeed!

We just got ours, yesterday, from our dear friends ML, KC, & The Sherwood Bunch, and it was a completely unexpected surprise!

The smell alone got our attention, and luckily Daddy Kiril figured out that, um, amybe they were not meant to be eaten, just admired, and enjoyed!

Um, hee, hee! :-D

We will be adding links in our sidebar to your site, and blog, in our small list of shops we like.

Nikita Cat & Elvira Mistress of Felinity

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