Wednesday, November 30, 2011

meow? kitties ask ..but, Why? w/ an update

kitties: ....but, why is nobodys else  ordering our
kitty Cat crafts mom bean?

bean:  so many encouraging emails and comments to sell them we were So excited but then no orders came other than our first.  maybe we will get more orders. we will wait and see afterall?

kitties:  but, we love em mom . 

bean sidenote:   i guess i just needed to whine/vent about it somewhere
as it has really been one of THOSE days.

p/s we did lower the price today.

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12/3 updated:

that above post was a bad day.  pengy was ill and had to go to the vet.  she had an injection of a super power antibiotic WITH something to help her get more oxygen.  we were sent home with this in liquid form for the next week. we also gave her Gatorade by syringe until she resumed her appetite.  she has an infection and was breathing heavy and it scared the calmness right ouuta me!  
good news is in less than a day she is back to herself again.  eating. drinking. purring and allowing us to love on her and her loving on us again. thank goodness. thank goodness. thank goodness!

Sooo, yeah I was a bit in a funk-
and then this whole thing with our crafts sales just confused me on the Wrong day!   I was just Stumped to have gotten so much encouragement to make and sell these from emails and numerous comments.  so i decided to make them. they are Quite time consuming to prepare and bake correctly as you can imagine.  and then we got 1 order, and then none.  What?!?!   so as you can see,  Stumped is an understatement.

we have received 2 more orders though.   so,  THANK YOU for ordering these ornaments to help support our fundraiser.  we SOooo appreciate that!



We love them but Mom's work place closed yesterday so the green papers are really scarce right now. We hope that you start to get orders soon.

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