Saturday, June 14, 2008

chicken soup

All the cats (3) caught the infection.
So we now have 4 adult cats and 6 kittens on antibiotics twice daily, orally.

Bless their little souls, the troopers.

I may have to go back to the vet Monday for more Amoxicillin.
Why did they only give me enough for 3 days x 6 kittens, I do not know. Ridiculous.

Our very muscle strong male cat (who is also a gentle giant and so sweet and cautious) made me want to crawl under a rock and cry this morning.

He does NOT, I repeat NOT like this medicine thing one bit.
I found out this morning how bad the fear was as he locked his jaw completely shut and was soaking wet from the chin down in thick slobber.
I may have to go to the vet and request an injectable for him.

He still will not come down stairs. I feel like an asshole.

The house needs to be wiped down daily. If you read up on feline upper respiratory infections (or colds) it is really kind of alarming how easily cats can catch and pass this to one another.
It can also be shed or picked up off our clothing.

Now, I have asked the vet and then compulsively reasked two of his assistants if we (humans) can catch this infection or strain from our cats. The asnwer is always no.

Funny though how I have a cold now and my husband has a bug as well.
But, the answer is still no.
Hmmm, must be my imagination, the scratchy throat and all.

Doctoring all our babies delivers a calm and sweet reward which always comes in the peace I can see as they sleep safe and secure.

I love our itty bitty buds and babes.


Anonymous said...

Im here i read your blog once or twice a week.... I just dont leave comments much.
Much Aloha

twondra said...

I hope your kitties feel better. The poor things. :( Sorry you're under so much stress.

Cindy said...

Sorry about the kitties :(

I hope they feel better soon. I know when any of our animals are sick, we are kinda worried and down until they're better.

Good luck and kisses for the kitties!

Deena said...

Sounds like everyone is sick over at your house.
Take care and give the kitties a hug and a pat for me!