Wednesday, June 11, 2008

broken purr

Our mama kitty is (was) sick.
One of the hardest things is to see your furbaby ill.

I took her into the vet yesterday. Wrapped her up in a warm fuzzy blanket and walked her in and said 'my cat is having trouble breathing and someone needs to see her now' .
The night before I ran the humidifier hoping it would help a little until I could see the vet Monday morning.
It started over the weekend. The continuous sneezing. Then I noticed she was sleeping alot and when I knelt down next to her I could hear she was having problems breathing thru one side of her nose.
There was no mucus, but I was not waiting around.

At the vet, he thourougly examined her. Took blood sample. Then decided it was an upper respiratory infection.
She was given a shot of anti-inflamatory, a shot to bring down her temperature, and an antibiotic shot. We were given Amoxicillin for home which she gets twice daily.

Today she seems so much better and the sneezing has almost subsided.
The vet advised to keep the kittens away from her and to go ahead and completely ween them off her. So, I have done that.
It is heart-wrenching because they still want to suckle with mama but they were just about weaned anyhow so that makes it a tad easier.
We are now keeping an eye on the kittens for the possible infection.
Oh, please let them be okay!

Did I mention one of the kittens (the burley one of the bunch) went for a swim today? Yeh, I forgot to put the toilet cover down and walked out of the room. Stupid human.
When I returned I could not figure out what had taken place. The floor was covered in water. I sat down, trying to figure it out when I feel a brush up against my foot. I look down and see kitty sopping wet, shivering in cold and fear but cuddled up to me.
I scoop him up and it clicks. Well, also because I am sitting ON the toilet at this point doing my deed only to realize my rear is also sopping wet where I am seated.

I wrap him up instantly and begin drying him off. Poor guy. He was probably scared to death at the experience. Probably just trying to sip some water and instead gets covered with it.
No matter what they are doing, kittens have got to be the cutest babies in the world!!!

On a lighter note, I am a habitual candle lover.
My husband and I were discussing how the vet appt. went, etc.

After I relayed everything I added, 'oh , I got us a candle there' ...

You have to understand I will puchase a candle if the scent is right and it's a good bargain. There is almost always one lit in our home.
I mean if there was a squirrel selling candles curbside I would be there.

So it was funny when my husband replied... 'you got a candle at the vet? '
Yeh, well it is a odor elimanator in strawberry.

Of all places to find a candle, huh... the vets office.
Leave it to me, I will find them.

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