Wednesday, March 04, 2009

got update?

Our friends Eric and Flynn have alerted us that our blog is having some glitches; we are asking for others who follow us or have us in their reader/link to check and see if you are being updated when we add a post. Right now E&F is showing we updated 4 months ago.
It may be something I need to do on my end. I have gone through all the settings and bloglink, etc. and double-checked. Please walk me through what other steps to allow others to be updated. It may be that I just need to fix something small to get it rolling again.

Thank you.

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Tuck said...

Try going to your settings on the dashboard. Click on the site feed tab. Make sure that the first drop down menu (which says allow blog feeds) is set to full. I don't know if that will work but its worth a try!