Thursday, September 02, 2010

beginning to smell alot like ... Fall ! and mice?

HomeTarts (our adoption fundraiser) is now open to receive orders for my first batch of Tarts I will begin making Oct. 1st. The scents are listed within the blog. Pricing is listed now. If you would like to help support our fundraiser by purchasing a bag, which contains(3) Large candle Tarts for your home or perhaps as gifts for the upcoming holidays, pease pounce on over and check it out. We recieved out very first 2 orders from two of our CB freinds. you rock ! also, payment is not due as of yet, but you can still place an order. i have to set up our paypal donate button which will be up Oct. 1st. The link to placing an order along with details of how to comment.
Fanks & Meows! for the mice? i went outside to free our kittens this morning from their night crate/crib so they could romp around (our daily routine) and what did i see? 3 dead mice. nicely placed, closely & tightly surrounding the outside parameters of the crate. big mice at that. hmm, mama & daddy cat must be teaching the little ones how to hunt !


Angel and Kirby said...

It is important to teach the little ones to hunt, even if they will have homes inside

The Creek Cats said...

Sounds like little hunters in the making!