Wednesday, September 22, 2010

NOT okay

i would surely hope this is not real & that kittys face is superimposed onto a puppet; however the annoyed emotion on kittys face tells me a different story. obviously, upon viewing, it seems more likely that the humans hand is controlling kittys movement from up behind the shirt. i saw this today upon AOL's opening page, which pops up when my homepage opens. i find it appalling. not cute, not funny. kittys eyes show you he/she is pissed off and perhaps even heavily medicated as no cat would voluntarily put up with this for 1:25. ; this is not nice & wrong to do to a cat or any animal; and as for publicity, is very selfish on behalf of both the kittys family and the promoters whom appear, by the 'credits', to be the huge corporation of the MLB themselves. another example of animals being used to promote organizations thru some humans' warped idea of 'entertainment'. i debated even sharing it here because i dislike giving it any attention; however despite my distaste for it, it needs to be shared to remind those reading (outside of cat families & the CB, of course) whom may be unaware that this is NOT funny and to rethink this attitude of disguised animal control. whether real, superimposed or both it is sending out the wrong message, especially to children. kittys face says it ALL revealing an aspect of reality within the video. this was taken way too far; a cat will tell you when they are frustrated through their eyes and ears. this video shows an animal in extreme discomfort. AOL should have entitled this 'warped on wednesday'.
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please visit Friends Furever in rememberance of Sniffie; run free sweet angle, run free.


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

We sekhond your khomment!


Sparkle said...

My human was wondering the same thing as you were. The kitty seemed awfully passive, and I know none of us would have cooperated long enough to make this long of a video.

Angel and Kirby said...

That is so wrong. We feel sorry for the poor kitty!

winx4eva said...

i agree having the poor cat doing everything is wron what is better is when someone gets luck and get a picture of their cat doing something funny then adding computer animation to it like the video in this link (My opinion)

Everycat said...

We agree with everything you've written. It's appallingly bad to give out the message that animals are but playthings to be messed with and subjected to humiliation and control just for the joy of dumb humans who enjoy this kind of thing because they are ignorant of the true nature of animals.

Sometimes if animals are subjected to non stop mauling about, they become very passive, even floppy, it's part of an extreme survival response and isn't displayed unless the animal has been through this kind of abuse often. The key is in their expression. That poor cat looks very stressed.

Of course they may have slipped the cat some ACP :(


Whicky Wuudler

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

We agree, this video just encourages people to mistreat their cats...Hiss Hiss to aol...I wrote them and voiced my opinion!