Monday, February 07, 2011


over on our other blog today is the moms post inquiring about couponing.
she asked us cats to lead you to that link HERE
because she is too lazy , whoops we meant she doesn't like to cross post.
any suggestions, she asks to please share your knowledge with us .
psst:  we thought she was trying to find some hobby and that means
less US time but she explained it would mean more
Stinky goodness and treats.
something about a savings and a piggy? we don't get it.


Marg said...

WE will go over and look at the other blog and see if we have any thoughts. We don't do too many coupons because they never have them for what we eat and so it doesn't save us any money.

Brian said...

We haven't had a whole lot of luck...our Mom collects coupons, then forgets where she left the thing she keeps her coupons in!

Angel and Kirby said...

Mom does use them from time to time but our sister bean seems to be able to save a lot!

Anonymous said...

Mumsy uses coupons IF she remembers to take them when she goes shopping or if she remembers they are in her purse before she gets back home after shopping. With that said you probably figured out Mumsy don't use coupons very often. Hugs and nose kisses

Cheri said...

We eat stuff from health food stores so no coupons there. Good luck with this project.

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