Sunday, November 27, 2011

BAKERY is Now... Open !!

12/7   -  click me  FOR UPDATED SAMPLE PHOTOS  -

12/8  -  and ME for even more recent pics .

Here They Are! 
salt/dough Crafts.

They are ready to find good homes ;)

I will be Baking them for 3 weeks.

Here is A Question and Answer List:

**  ...  Now with Updated AND Discounted Prices  .  **

How do I order?
I have placed a Buy it Now on our sidebar, with Options.

How many do I get?
I am selling them  3  to a set.

How much is a set?
was 10.oo
now 9.00

And shipping?
usps flat rate ship box, 4.95

And if I order 2 sets, is shipping more?
NO !!   You still pay just 4.95.

Is a second set, within same order, discounted?
Yep!  it was 20.oo ,   
NOW,  it is just 17.oo,  
 plus ship.

Can I Pick my Own Wording and/or Furbabies names on the Cat Faces?
YES !!   It is all up to you. 
The above photos are examples only.

Are the crafts Scented?
Yes ! With Natural ground Cinnamon spice.
You can order with or without .

Can I pick a color?
Yes :
Cinnamon Brown
What material is used to hang the crafts?
Natural Twine !

Are there other ornamnets you make along with the Cat Faces?
Yes, please visit my link  here .

Is this a Fundraiser?
Yes. We are putting the proceeds into our continuing Adoption Fund.
We started on our Adoption journey to a baby Bean last year and
 raised 400.oo in my Candle/Tart sales;  Thank you for your support !
This year we Hope to raise additional Funds with my
Ornament salesto add into our existing ongoing Adoption Fund .
(we had been trying to conceive for 5 years and That was long Enough).
We looked into Adoption and fell in Love with it ; interesting enough
I think I always felt we would adopt no matter what.  It was the Path we
are meant to walk and I see it so clearly now.  So Yes, this IS our 2nd Fundraiser ! 
When will my Ornaments ship?
3-4 days after order is placed.

Can I contact you via Email on specifics?
Yes, at  . 

I received a question about International Ship;
if you are outside the U.S., please contact me prior to ordering to discuss ship cost.

For all whom are interested Thank you for your support and Order(s) .

I had a BLAST making these.
I think they turned out really Cute .
Our tree is now decorated with these three !!!
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and  HERE  too.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Really neat idea. They are cute.

Marg said...

Those really are cute. What a good idea. We will have to go see about some green papers. But we will be back.

Mark's Mews said...

Those look GREAT! We wish TBT decorated fer holidays here...

meowmeowmans said...

Those are really cute!