Tuesday, September 02, 2008

simple life, livn it & keeping it real

I found this photo while browsing and it reminded me of our future home.

We only plan to move one more time, ever. When that happens it will be into a small, remote, quiet and cozy log cabin we build.

Listen closely, all you hear are crickets and the breeze.

We absolutely love our home we live in now. We renovated it together and it reflects our character. Here we will remain and enjoy our life together rooted within our beautiful country surrounding until the day we find ourselves cuddled up on the porch swing of our little country cabin.

(see below) recent actual country photos of the cute and curious country cows.


Anonymous said...

Oh...that looks so peaceful.. Thanks for visiting my blog...yours is awesome...I like how you think!

Renaissance Woman said...

I love that picture. Living in the city does bring happiness, but I also dream of having a home where it is peaceful as well.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the counter that you have (enough said). And yes...love Urban Cowboy!

Plunger Girl said...

That's exactly what I thought Wyoming was going to be like. While we have a similarly teeny house with a log exterior, it's surrounded by the hot flames of hell and not the peaceful tranquility of that image.

Steve and Stepher said...


here via your lovely comment on plunger girl's blog. couldn't help but notice we also share some traits: ocd, cats & a dog (7 cats, 1 dog), meds and being childfree. stop by if you're so inclined.

oh and i hope to live at the beach one day. your country = my beach. =)