Tuesday, September 09, 2008

*** 'you are no one until you have been ignored by a cat ' ***

We are owned by four cats and over.the.moon.thankful to be a part of this everyday;
you too just might be a cat lover if :
-your giddy tone consists of only pluralized words that end in increasingly high pitched zippiness which (unintended) freak out your cat.
-you refuse to vacuum a room until the cats wake up.
-you run for your camera phone at least twice a week to capture more cute snapshots of one , if not all of your cats.
-you don't think twice about talking baby-talk to your cats or any cat for that matter.
-if someone says your cat is fat you immediately look around the room to make sure your cat could not have heard that,
and then you defend your cats honor !
-you have never met a strange cat.
-you make sure to never close any door in your house.
favorite family photo

-something just is not right and you cannot fall asleep until at least one of your cats jumps into bed with you and cuddles your feet.
-you drop dirty clothes on the floor and leave them there until the cat gets up from napping on them.
-it would be nothing for you to be found sitting on the toilet holding your cat and talking to it.
-the first thing you call for when walking through the door is
your cat(s).
-you know which cat has jumped up on the bed at night (in the dark) by the weight of its body as it walks on top of you .
-you have to pee but refuse to move or get up until kitty wakes up.
-you will sleep in all kinds of weird positions to avoid waking kitty or disturbing its position on the bed.
-a dog licks your face and you come out of your skin, a cat licks your face and it is the sweetest gesture in the world.
-you feed your neighbors cat.
-you talk to your cats in high pitched words that endlessly rhyme.
-you would cook a meal of baked chicken and rice for your cats and feed yourself oatmeal.
-you refuse to put your cat in a cat-carrier to go to the vets because it mentally freaks them out and you feel it is mean.
In loving memory, Butterball.
You are missed .

-you are so connected spiritually that if you feel anything has been said or done that could hurt your cats feelings in any way you make sure to over nurture the cat and love obsessively on it until your guilt subsides.
-a cats purr is the sweetest sound.
-if anyone, ANYONE, ever harmed one of your cats you would literally light their ass on fire and toss them into the wood burning stove as future firewood for winter heat.
-if you accidentally stepped on your cats foot you continually apologize even if you have to follow the cat around the house to do so.
-you must share any food you are eating with your cat or else you feel like a bad person.
-you secretly love the smell of cat breath (and maybe even cat toots).
-you include your cats in your Christmas photo(well, duh, no brainer there).
-you kiss your cats so much sometimes they run from you when they see you coming.
and most importantly, -you write a really long list into your blog about how one might be a cat lover.


Pleasing Procrasinator said...

I found you from the Keeper and scrolled over to visit.
I found myself LOL because I have been know to do a few of these things like waiting to pee, sweep, and quite a few others.
Adorable kitties!!

thotlady said...

Ditto, except for dogs. I have two.

You have written here what I am embarrassed to write about my dogs. I love them more than anyone can possibly imagine, except maybe you.

So sweet. Nobody loves you like your pets...nobody!

Thanks for stopping by my site.

Another Dreamer said...

LOL, I could have wrote that myself. Definitely a cat person.

Anonymous said...

yep..yep! Cats rule, dogs drool. :)