Friday, September 26, 2008

feast of four...

...four o'clock morning not quite,
maw feeds us soft goodness by photo light,



...moments later we return to slumber,
thru the darkness and outta sight.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

thankful for tuxie thursday


aka penguin

aka tuxie,
... it is moments like this that melt my heart.

Last Sat. Diamond Emerald-Eyes kindly awarded
the wlk with the bff gold card.

The rules are as follows: Give this award to five friends (and only 5) who are dedicated followers of your blog - one has to be a new blogger in a different part of the world. Link back to whoever gave you this award.

5 followers of wlk blog I will forward this award onto are:
maggie & zoey, tammy, praline , island cats and mickey .
I don't think a blogger abroad was found; I'm still getting acquainted with who's who...and with that being said, if anyone I've listed has already received this please pay it forward to another.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

wag the tag

What Lo Knows Wednesday...

wordless wednesday
(cannot take credit for kitty photo;
however she did ask I voice her concern)

This blog has been bloggity blog tagged.
Thank you for thinking about the wlk.
The rules:
1. Write about 5 specific ways blogging has affected you either positively or negatively: (see below)
2. link back to the person who tagged you: tammy
3. link back to the parent post: tag post
4.tag a few friends or five, or none at all:
maggie and zoey,
diam. E eyes
5. post these rules— or just have fun breaking them: (check-check)

Here we go:
#1. i have learned to hold my gottagoPEEgottago for lengths of time no human should ever hold their ggpeegg for,
#2. i have perfected the art of creating fresh daily blog entries complete with authors sweat and lack of shower stank, have worn out the mousepad (or perhaps that was my brainpad) during spells of madness clicking forward, backward, edit, preview and refresh to perfect my creation not forgoing the realized skill of replying to 15,498 bloggers within a half-hours time,
#3. our bill for drinking bottled water had doubled since becoming a blogger due to the need to stay overly-hydrated,
#4. my creative mind parts get more use as i find it is continually searching for blog titles, blog stories and possible daily events which to mirror into... my blog,

#5. on a deeper level; i can honestly say i did not even know what the word b.l.o.g meant this time last year. I wasn't even curious about what it meant. One day I decided to look into it just so I would know and halt the nagging question of 'why' out of my head. What I found was that I could: a. design my OWN page, b. write about whatever I pleased, c. make it a daily creative outsource, d. keep diary of my thoughts and e. did I already mention design my own page. That drew me in. Then I started reading other blogs. I found , just like everything, it is a matter of personal likes and dislikes. I found a handful that had similar thoughts and or creativity. After awhile bloggers respond to the unwritten rule of ' You comment, I follow'. WLK then came across a group of people who share something dear to my heart, cats. The CB is a wonderful place to share photos and stories of our beloved furrbabies. Cats are very special to me for so many reasons perhaps only I understand; being able to talk about them and others is something I find very rejuvenating. Blogging on a whole has given me an outlet for my left-handed, thus right-sided mind. The ability to create my own stuff is fun and fulfulling. Not being a people person at all, I have found this form of communication works for it allows one to share without judgment, talk about things that actually matter in life and keep an energy throughout that is friendly and supportive; that is if you keep to your blogs of common interests, just like the 'real world'.

Buyer do beware of blog burnout; the inability to think anything blog related because your brain has officially fried its blog synapse and there are actually little tiny neuron pieces sprouting legs and fanning out the smoke which is causing writers fog to occur. So yes, there will be days when no entries are found.

So that's that, and for those I have listed above, Tag you're it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

trivial trivia (opening for) Tuesday Toes

...join in the yawnfest of boring information:

Worst to Best Drivers in the Zodiac:
#1 Gemini - worst
#2 Taurus
#3 Pisces
#4 Virgo
#5 Cancer
#6 Aquarius
#7 Aries
#8 Libra
#9 Leo
#10 Sagittarius
#11 Scorpio
#12 Capricorn - best

yes the opening act stunk, I know.....
and now, please welcome the cuddly and kissable,

naws this isnt from our paws but the paws of the net cause maw doesn't have toe paws pics of our paws just yet.

Monday, September 22, 2008

proof (is in the) pudd'n ?

Go homemade?
I have been researching a new and better diet for our four cats.
The question being does it makes more sense to go raw with
whole meat (i.e chicken) or store dry with green ingredients.

Or perhaps not to go raw at all. Cook it. I did some reading up on the concerns of raw versus cooked. One article read that they prepared it raw but also fed the cats canned cat food twice a week so the cats would not reject it if they had to ever revert back to canned in an emergency.

Homemade cat food is the recipe ; what to include is the ingredient.

Currently we feed our cats a dry food made up of natural greens. I also feed them frequent canned soft food so they get the vitamins they need from meat.
After reading about a totally raw diet, I became inquisitive. It does make more sense being that in their natural setting cats would eat raw meat + bones and thrive.

But I wonder, following a diet that provides essentially all the vitamins and minerals cats need (including adding an elixir) and preparing their food within my own home with love ; this does sound very appealing.

There is something to knowing that what my cats ate came out of my forethought for their well-being with maws added touch.

Now, please share your thoughts on this one.
1. If you do use the raw meat and bone diet share your advice or observations on your cats (improved or declined) health.
2. If you are against a raw diet (or a cooked one) please share your
thoughts as to why

Personally, I hardly EVER eat any meat which makes me about 99% veggie-tarian.
But, I feel perhaps my cats , being natural carnivores, need whole meats in their daily diets; the survey is then ....go raw or cook it all. I might have a personal problem getting past the handling of raw meat (as a non-meat eater it grosses me to even see it) BUT if it is best for our cats I can do it. Along with that statement, I may emotionally freak a bit with it since I myself have my own reasons for not eating meat; but once again IF my cats will achieve ideal health than I can deal with that since as I stated earlier (in a natural setting) they would be apt to eating that kind of diet.

I know they are domesicated within our home but I wonder if they yearn for what is instinctual sometimes.

Well, I look forward to your thoughts on this topic.
Our cats are very healthy and thriving so perhaps I need to just stay with what works and aint broken.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sir Stripes Sunday News

I was all prepared for a restful and Easy Sunday as you can see in my photo (above) of me in my easy chair ; that is me being Easy Like... but then this came up and I had to print it. Perhaps that's why I secretly wanna poop on it. Anyhow the story goes like this...

'The Phantom Noise Phenomena' ,
-revealed as common game found in households with sole Mancat,
by Sir Stripes, Mcat .

Monday Mcat special alert, early release edition.

it all began with a noise...


now pay special attention to the following photos:
tuxedo kitty sits strategically positioned under the end table

SS: 'i know it came from over here'

SS: 'did you hear the noise junior'
J: 'i'm sure i don't know what you are talking about'

SS: 'hey, where are you going'

P: 'he didn't have a chance'

...five minutes later:

P: 'no more comments, i am off to join junior for a nap'

co-conspirators sleep

Lucky (fellow house panther) was quoted as saying, 'i saw the whole thing but stayed out of this one; for amusement we take turns playng the noise game in pairs between naps' .

And there you have it fellow Mcats.
It seems our furrsisters amuse themselves at our mental expense.
Is it no wonder we are so jumpy (or is that just me).
Enjoy your Sunday and be fooled no more!
Sir Stripes, Mcat reporting.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


This is a short story about Lucky (above photo, aka fuzz butt).
The way she came to us is so neat I wanted to share.
She is an inspirational story, at least we think so.
We (my husband and I) drove down to TN. over a weekend for work but also squeezed some fun in there too.
Our first initial stop was to pick a sleeper up and haul it back in our enclosed trailer.
Since we were taking the trailer we also thru in our Fat Boy big boy bike to ride in TN.
After we got the sleeper loaded we continued our drive south, found a hotel and took the bike out for a ride.
(if you are stuck back on 'sleeper' it is the part of a semi (big truck) that drivers (truckers) sleep in on the road)
After a three day excursion we returned home (KY).
My husband calls me from his parents (he is there preparing to unload the sleeper) to inform me that they have found 5 kittens inside the mattress.
Of course I drive over there like a bat outta hell. When I arrive I see these gorgeous but starving newborn babes.
I bring them home, feed them, hold them, love them.
Over the next 4-5 weeks we lose 3 of them one by one for unknown reasons. It could be lack of mothers milk at such a young age, we don't know. These little guys made it so far...
They were stuck in an abandoned sleeper for three days straight, on their own, no food, no love. One of those nights there was a loud thunder storm which must have been frightening. They heard us start the bike up inside the trailer which probably scared them to death. Yet, they never made a sound to alert us they were stuck and hungry. I still am stunned; they must have been so confused. Then they survived a bumpy and loud ride home in the trailer, still no food.
So, this brings me to Lucky.
She and her brother made it past 5 weeks and thrived. We had to make a decision. We kept Lucky, and her brother Kenny we brought to our closeby family farm as there are other family kitties there. At the time we could not keep both which was a hard decision. But, on the upside Ken did so well at the farm. I would go by weekly and talk with him, feed him, watch him play with the other kitties, so that put my mind at ease as he seemed to love his freedom and my company.
Now, as for Lucky here is the thing. She was the runt of the litter. She had a few days that we felt were close calls because she seemed to have a hard time.
She was the one that all the other kittens ended up peeing on (accidentally) and because she was long haired she was always sopping wet.
But she thrived every day. She beat the odds and grew into a beautiful plump long haired black furred family member.
Every day I look at her, listen to her talk to me and feel her little tongue licking my nose I feel lucky.
We named her this for obvious reasons however, she may be lucky, but we are blessed.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

furr the love of daddy

junebug 1; kneading my fuzzy wuzzy blanket on top of my daddy

pt. 2; suckling my fuzzy wuzzy banky falling into complete bliss

and pt. 3; happiness is nite-nite time cuddled up to daddys leg

Pengy (the) Pirate


Ahoy, me pirate name ye Blind Faith Barbossa.
I am ye tuxedo cat o' me feline cr'w.
Me cr'w dar (junior)Decrepit Jean Cutler, (lucky)Snifflin' Laura Straw and (sir stripes Mcat) No-Eyes Ron.
Me am a master o' cuddles and I lo'e t' snuggle with my other three siblin's, aye.
My fa'orite food is 9 li'es soft chicken cause mom feeds us green foods daily and the treats b' so yummy.
Hidin' under the co'ers is one o' my intarsts.
Ye'll ne'er get me buried booty!
Mom says when I talk Me sounds just like a newb'rn babe.
Me like t' follow mom bean around and see what she is up t' makin' sure t' get all my lo'n.
Ahoy, me like t' play wild kin'dom with my cat mom and sister.
We run aro'nd the house fu'l speed ah'd, Arrr.
Ye can find me most o' the time durin' the eve curled up t' moms leg.
She s'ys Me keep her feet warm, Aye.

A whol' of Cheers t' Maggy, Zoey and The Zoolatry Human Ann, ye pro'ided me mom with my pirate ph'to. That was ve'y kind.
We think it is the neatest thin', Arrr.
I look lik' a true pirate, me think its in me blood.
Aye, me parrot concurs.

Arrr, off t' check ou' pirate ships of d'em cat o'nine tails w/ meowers from missouri and the (Me maiden sis (Lucky) wishes t' board) Black Furrball via Purrageous Pirates cause she be a fuzz butt.

Ahoy Mate!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

whatloknows wednesday

5 things I do know:

1. authenticity is found thru the heart, not the eyes
2. actions do not always speak louder than words
3. unconditional is sometimes conditional
4. time does heal
5. soul mates do exist

(add your own)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Butterball/ ww photo

tribute; wordless wed. photo
Junior had a litter of six kittens earlier this year.
Butterball went to rainbow bridge at 7 weeks of age. She was this tiny authentic angel radiating life, spunk and beautiful full fluffy ginger-white fur. She had a wobble as she walked and she loved to cuddle up to me on the blanket, any blanket.
Then one night she started going downhill fast. Why!
I comforted her as she passed on. She struggled.
Neither she , nor I, understood. To see such a life be born and then to sit helplessly as its life is taken. Many cat lovers have blogs I have come to find. Some posts have mentioned RB and it moved me to honor Butterball on this day; although she lives in my heart daily. May her photo also remind us of all the other kittens who have passed on suddenly; also sometimes known as fading kitten syndrome.
My perfect little one, xoxo mommy.

Monday, September 15, 2008

the raccoon and the cricket

Two reasons life is good.

#1. My husband told me " there was a scratchy sound coming from somewhere so I looked over at the dumpster and there was a raccoon trying to climb out. He was stuck. I found a board, placed it inside the dumpster, standing it on end; the raccoon was able to use it to free himself. Before I turned away he climbed up it and ran off " .

That's my man and I'm one proud wife.

#2. I have been leaving the front door open; it leads out onto our screened-in porch; our cats love this because they can sit on the shelves daddy made for them to see outside. Lately, our cat Pengy has been finding crickets out there, bringing them inside and showing us her gifts and then playing with them. I decided to praise her and then to save the crickets returning them back outside. I noticed our cat Lucky was paying close attention to me as I repeatedly returned the crickets. My husband and I were sitting on the front porch when he says, " did you just see what she did " . I looked down and Lucky had placed a cricket by the foot of my chair. He then said, " Pengy took the cricket inside but then Lucky went in after her, picked up the cricket, and then returned it back outside " .

That's my girl. Like mother like daughter.

photo of the week, Pengy helping mom do dishes...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

at the hand of ignorants

I really had no desire to include anything political within my blog;
reasoning is I do not care for either canidate this election.

However, with that said, put together the fact that I love animals, that I believe in the democratic philosophy and republicans as a whole continually reveal themselves as inhumane ignorants(not a word but interestingly enough it works well here as a descriptor) it became appropriate to post this video clip I recieved from my aunt this morning.

This clip speaks for itself.

I post this in honor of our beautiful wolves who lost their lives.
Yes, animals were harmed in the making of this video.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen thoughts

I am so excited I could pee my pants (not really) as I begin my newest post in carrying on the spirit of bloggers everywhere.
Welcome to my Thursday Thirteen list which is entitled,
13 Things humans do which are universally annoying:

#13. Drivers pull up behind a car only to slow down and then speed up and will then pass only to then cruise at the exact speed one has been driving the entire time.
speaking of dumb driving, I 'll throw this in as bonus- Drivers who refuse to pass within an actual legally permitted passing zone but will have no problem waiting until that line becomes completely solid once again ...and then they pass.
#12. Parents who let their children scream at the top.of.their.lungs while pretending not to hear them until 20 minutes has passed where they then threaten the kid at the top of.their.lungs .
#11. It is asked 'will that be all' before you can even mutter the first item out of your mouth at a drive-thru window.
#10. Every time one walks up and joins the end of the grocery line each person in front of them must turn around to look them up and down for no apparent reason.
#9. People automatically assume that (upon introduction) should they tell you their entire life story within a 5-minute-span you might actually have found it time well spent.
#8. If one person is staring up into the sky soon enough 100 will follow.
#7. The need to have small talk ... everywhere.
#6. People who assume their needs are a continuous emergency.
#5. Strangers actually think that eavesdropping in public entitles them to comment on your private conversation.
#4. The store clerk asks 'will this be together' as you and your husband jointly and visibly placed all items onto the counter.
#3. People think it is cleverly unique to repeat ideas, sarcasm and facts which have been around for centuries upon centuries.
#2. People will vacuum over an unidentified object only to then pick it up, examine it and then toss it back onto the floor.
#1. Those who become really creepy once the elevator doors shut by creating a painstaking weird silence.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

*** 'you are no one until you have been ignored by a cat ' ***

We are owned by four cats and over.the.moon.thankful to be a part of this everyday;
you too just might be a cat lover if :
-your giddy tone consists of only pluralized words that end in increasingly high pitched zippiness which (unintended) freak out your cat.
-you refuse to vacuum a room until the cats wake up.
-you run for your camera phone at least twice a week to capture more cute snapshots of one , if not all of your cats.
-you don't think twice about talking baby-talk to your cats or any cat for that matter.
-if someone says your cat is fat you immediately look around the room to make sure your cat could not have heard that,
and then you defend your cats honor !
-you have never met a strange cat.
-you make sure to never close any door in your house.
favorite family photo

-something just is not right and you cannot fall asleep until at least one of your cats jumps into bed with you and cuddles your feet.
-you drop dirty clothes on the floor and leave them there until the cat gets up from napping on them.
-it would be nothing for you to be found sitting on the toilet holding your cat and talking to it.
-the first thing you call for when walking through the door is
your cat(s).
-you know which cat has jumped up on the bed at night (in the dark) by the weight of its body as it walks on top of you .
-you have to pee but refuse to move or get up until kitty wakes up.
-you will sleep in all kinds of weird positions to avoid waking kitty or disturbing its position on the bed.
-a dog licks your face and you come out of your skin, a cat licks your face and it is the sweetest gesture in the world.
-you feed your neighbors cat.
-you talk to your cats in high pitched words that endlessly rhyme.
-you would cook a meal of baked chicken and rice for your cats and feed yourself oatmeal.
-you refuse to put your cat in a cat-carrier to go to the vets because it mentally freaks them out and you feel it is mean.
In loving memory, Butterball.
You are missed .

-you are so connected spiritually that if you feel anything has been said or done that could hurt your cats feelings in any way you make sure to over nurture the cat and love obsessively on it until your guilt subsides.
-a cats purr is the sweetest sound.
-if anyone, ANYONE, ever harmed one of your cats you would literally light their ass on fire and toss them into the wood burning stove as future firewood for winter heat.
-if you accidentally stepped on your cats foot you continually apologize even if you have to follow the cat around the house to do so.
-you must share any food you are eating with your cat or else you feel like a bad person.
-you secretly love the smell of cat breath (and maybe even cat toots).
-you include your cats in your Christmas photo(well, duh, no brainer there).
-you kiss your cats so much sometimes they run from you when they see you coming.
and most importantly, -you write a really long list into your blog about how one might be a cat lover.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Ever wondered if Global Warming stood in front of a mirror what one of its reflections might look like?

In tribute to my recent post (below) here are a couple pictures pertaining to my statement on the Polar Bears. If you can look at these and still feel okay about the environment without feeling about one.inch.tall than please by all means go refer to the suggestions I listed per said post. I will 'hyper-bold' highlight and italic tag those suggestions so one does not get lost on what to do.

For those with an aware, beating and compassionate heart the photos follow:

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

simple life, livn it & keeping it real

I found this photo while browsing and it reminded me of our future home.

We only plan to move one more time, ever. When that happens it will be into a small, remote, quiet and cozy log cabin we build.

Listen closely, all you hear are crickets and the breeze.

We absolutely love our home we live in now. We renovated it together and it reflects our character. Here we will remain and enjoy our life together rooted within our beautiful country surrounding until the day we find ourselves cuddled up on the porch swing of our little country cabin.

(see below) recent actual country photos of the cute and curious country cows.

Monday, September 01, 2008

140 days

Cheney: ' We have 100 Brazillian troops to help us President Bush. '

President Bush: 'How much is a Brazillian? '

A big thx. to my aunt C. for contributing this chuckle today .
Well, of course I just had to post it so all could share the joy and get the day off to a brilliant start knowing that (drumroll) as of today this man only has 140 days remaining under his presidential belt.

Do ya feel the love.