Wednesday, May 07, 2008

7 plus 30?

After reading my 'the good stuff' list (bottom right column) a lifelong friend of mine , some 30 yrs, emailed me reminiscing of things we found to be the good stuff at say, age 7. Later suggesting I add to blog.

Hold up, did I say 30 years... Good grief.

So, one of the things we recalled was the slogan 'flic my bic' which we used to repeat continuously as we walked up and down the neighborhood street.

Then there was the caterpillars , the big fuzzy ones, you know the kind. She recalls we would look for them in the curb of the street. I remember it was like finding treasure.

To this day I still rescue them when I find them curled up on a high ledge or inconvient location carefully placing them back onto safe out of the way ground.

Then of course, the helicopters. You know the ones falling from the trees right now.

Funny how some of the good stuff at 7 still holds true.

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Kate said...

Hey long life friend of 30hmmmm something. Actually it is like 32 or 33. I remember we were in kindergarten when you moved into the neighborhood. God we had good times. Innocent good times.

"Here comes the do doo doo" And how we would giggle something awful because they were singing "doo doo" doggie doo doo. Those times and memories are precious.

Remember the "treasure chest" in your bottom drawer. I took your picture with the Goofy belt on! Ha! I think I returned it to you several years ago. If you ever get it copied on the Kodak machine I'd be so grateful for a copy. Love ya Ostri!