Tuesday, May 27, 2008

her biggest fan club

Second post today. Wanted to keep this one seperate from previous without combining cause this one is so sweet and needed its own title.

Of my top 5 sweetest things in the world, or as I like to refer to them, 'the parts I like best', this is one of them.

I watch as Mama Kitty walks by thru the living room.
She rounds the corner just feet from the cushioned box that holds her babies.

Kowing they are all sleeping she begins to call and 'check in' .

She pauses, listens, then calls again.

Silence, all kitties are still sound asleep.

She waits, steps closer and calls, this time more profoundly...

A harmonious chorus answers... her built-in fan club.
Six mini-me's cheering her on, closer to them.

'thud', Mama kitty has entered the box and begins nursing.

The cheers dwindle down into soft purrs. This is a chorus of love that I look forward to hearing each day...and each day the harmonious chorus grows more exact and more familiar to those who listen.


Anonymous said...


Awwwww....so cute! I love kittens. I wish my cats would've stayed kittens ;)

Oh, by the by...yes, I tagged you in my blog with the 7 questions thing...I just forgot to forward the comment to tell you! Sorry!


Deena said...

How sweet! There is nothing like a Mother's love...

Anonymous said...

This post reminds me of something I look forward to hearing every morning. The morning dove that sits atop my house. I often waken to the coo-cooing of the dove, as if she is there to say, "wake up, wake up". It is so relaxing and peaceful to hear her.

I also hear all the morning birds awaken at 5am sharp. The interesting phenomenon about this is that their morning songs only last about 10 minutes. Then it goes dead quiet. Until about 6am when they all start up again. ??? I wonder if anyone knows why they do this???