Saturday, May 03, 2008

a real bark ?

(our pug doesn't 'bark' persay, it is more of a squeeky thing, or so I thought)

My better half and myself were out on our back porch this evening, it was late and dark outside.
Our pug is wandering around further down in the yard.
We are enjoying the quiet of this country night, looking at the stars.

A dog starts barking.
It is a deep, loud bark so I am wondering what other dog has found its way onto our yard.

I ask my husband , 'what dog is barking down there ' ?

He replies, 'thats our dog ' .

Confused I say, ' our dog has a real bark ' ?

To which he replies, 'I picked it up at the store today ' .

'Can we mute her' I wonder ?

1 comment:

twondra said...

That's so cute! We've had our dog for about 4 years and I think I've heard him bark 3 times. He never barks. :)