Saturday, May 10, 2008

Eight Belles

When I first read what had happened at this years KY Derby, I was numb. The reaction from my heart up out of my mouth was, ' see!... see what people do to animals just for personal 'prestige' and just to make money, it is not right... what is wrong with these people!! ..."

I think this article below from the Peta files says it best.

accredited soley to 'Peta Files', Kentucky Derby Horse Killed in Front of Thousands:

" With the shock of Barbaro's death after the 2006 Preakness still fresh in their minds, the Kentucky Derby crowd saw for themselves the sordid truth about what racing means for the horses involved last night, as the filly Eight Belles was killed after collapsing on the track.

This young filly's death may have been humane, but the race sure wasn't. PETA is calling for the immediate suspension of jockey Gabriel Saez—who whipped Eight Belles mercilessly as she came down the final stretch, no doubt in agony from two front legs that were about to snap.
While the trainers, jockeys, and owners may weep their crocodile tears today over Eight Belles' euthanasia, they will be back on the track tomorrow, putting other horses at risk. Thoroughbreds are raced on hard dirt surfaces—like the one at Churchill Downs. Their bones simply can't take it, as Eight Belles' two broken front legs showed last night. Despite the wealth associated with thoroughbred racing, for the horses—most of whom end up broken, cast off, or sent to Europe to be killed for the dinner table—it's a dirty business and no better than dogfighting " .

sidenote- personaly, I would have gladly stood in and taken her whipping so she would not have had to feel that pain as well. Thanks for reading.


twondra said...

That made me so sad, too. It's just not right.

RainbowMomma said...

Just popping by to wish you a Happy Mother's Day. I can't wait til it's your turn!

I hate child and animal abuse.

Christy said...

Sadly, they push these horses when their bones are immature. Imagine making your 4 year old lift weights. It is the same thing. But if they wait until the horses are older, the race times are slower. I don't understand what the big deal is about race times being slower ... oh yeah, have to keep beatng track records!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I know of some people who race horses. Those horses are some of the most cared for animals in the world. They are worth millions. When the Jockey whips the horse, it does not hurt the horse. The horse has extremely thick skin and it takes a strong slap of the hand for the horse to even feel anything other than a tickle. This comment is to challenge animal lovers to think wider. I am a true animal lover.

Whatloknows author/administrator said...

This site was created for personal use and also to encourage any readers to think.

There was only a slight hesitation to publish or respond to the above comment (by anonymous).

The idea behind this blog is to be a place of understanding, logic and easy going interaction.

However, it allows comments and exchange of thoughts and ideas.
So, it made sense to go forth and publish the above comment so that others may read it.

The above comment from *anonymous*
is a good example of what is commonly referred to as
generational 'brainwashing'.
This blog is grateful for the opportunity to respond to this bothersome outlook.

One comment was some people (you) are affiliated with race horses that are worth 'millions'. Would that be millions of...dollars?
See the point.

If they were worth millions of 'nothing' would they not be cared for so deeply? This is what this comment suggested.

It was next mentioned when the jockey whips the horse it does not hurt. That is very hard to swallow for it suggests that this kind of reasoning has been passed down to pacify others into believing it .

For an animal to survive and evolve it must be able to instinctually react to its surroundings. If it is being manipulated it will move away from that environment to protect itself, unless of course it is being restrained.

Unfortunately I witnessed this firsthand. Walking along the beach years ago, there was a man walking his horse who continually whipped it. There he was holding onto the horse, and whipping this horse while they walked. The horse would stop and try to move away from him to which he just continued.
I voiced concern, but he continued.
The horse obviusly felt pain and tried to turn away from the source. This is embedded in my memory and nothing will ever convince me otherwise.

My husband once worked at a thoroughbred farm and assures me they do feel pain from what he observed.

Also, why do jockeys whip the horse IF (per above comment) they do not feel pain. They even go so far to make sure they are whipped where the muscle and nerves react and are most sensitive.

All points of view are welcome and that is why it was published but I will stand tall for what is real and obvious.

Comments (per anonymous) do not encourage others to think 'wider' rather they do the opposite suggesting others to think much more narrow by overlooking the obvious and turning a blind eye.

This form of thinking encourages abuse to continue by allocating 'excuses' and blind rationale.

We are each entitled to our feelings and interpretations of the reality that is in front of our eyes and hearts.

Try to think about it this way, if a horse could talk to you, what do you think its' response would be to this question, 'do you enjoy being rode upon, raced and whipped for money or would you be happier in your life roaming free with other horses' .

*disclaimer: the administrator (me)decides to either publish or reject all comments.
Anonymous posters were included the opportunity to comment. It is clear however, this above comment was entered as anonymous due to its opposing nature, which is not cool.

If one truely believes in what they say just be real and do not post incognito.

Thank you everyone for stopping by and reading, thinking and commenting.

lyndsey said...

And some people wonder why I have problems with things like that. I hope all is well with you.

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