Tuesday, May 06, 2008

...do you hear a humming?

Yesterday as I was tending to the flower bed I turned to water the small willow tree (variance of) we have planted as well. It is the coolest kindof tree my husband got for us last year. This trees branches wind around and grow back into the ground.

So there I was watering it and I noticed on the top branch...a nest. The smallest most itty bitty cutest little nest.

Today I showed it to my husband. He leaned in to look at it and discovered it is a Humingbirds nest and there is one little egg! The egg is about the size of a tiny jelly bean. The inside of the nest is little fine hairs. We made sure NOT to touch it.

This has got to be one of the neatest things ever.

What an unexpected and rare find. I feel blessed to have such a sweet little home nestled outside within our tree.

We now need to get a Humingbird feeder and place it outside our kitchen window.

(sidenote and final update per ' birdies' post, see older post of the other nest) I went to check and remove the nest of the birdies (see older post) that did not make it and found they had been covered up with nesting as a blanket. I believe that mama bird knew they had passed on and came back to bury them. It broke my heart. She came back because she knew what had happened and needed to say her goodbyes (for now) as she covered them up, tucking them in for the night.
This quietly shows what I already intuitively know and that is wildlife, animals, all of Gods creatures do understand on a deeper level and they too have feelings and emotions.
She did not require an audience for there was no showing, funeral or reception, just a mother bird letting her young ones go in the still of the moment.
How very humbling and courageous. On that level, it does not get much more real than that.
She has my respect, not that she needed it.


twondra said...

Too cute. :)

So sad about the other nest. That breaks my heart. :(

Christy said...

That is incredibly sad but also interesting. I thinkI will google that bird behavior and see what I kind find out about it. I agree that animals have emotions. I don't think ayone could disagree that animals have the capacity to suffer and feel pain and so that says it very much. Read some infomation about elephants and how they all gather together to raise the young. It is incredible.

Gerry said...

Oh I agree with you, they know. I just had a wildlife biologist out to my house, he removed a Starling's nest from the vent by my bedroom window. Then he told me that b/c they aren't native of WA, he has to euthanize them. I felt horrible. Now the poor momma bird was trying to get into the vent this morning. I am sure she's worried about her poor babies!