Tuesday, May 20, 2008

good things, come in small packages...

This past weekend was my little brothers high school graduation. Our family reunited for this event. This time spent together was wonderful, and I write:

We may be small in quanity
but we are big in quality

we may be land apart
but we feel close in thought

we may be learning to gather
but are familiar old souls

we may be of a variety
but we are a variety of one

we may question ideas
but answers stay real

we may have felt loss
but appreciation we have gained

we may have seen accomplishments
but we remember to be thankful

we may not reunite enough
but we are united within

we may know love differently
but we love the same

we may be only a handful big
but, good things come in small packages , we...

...we are our family...unique, caring, big hearted and absolutely terrific!

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